Monday, March 29, 2010


The weather forecast says it is going to warm up in a big way this week. One day we are supposed to hit 76 degrees. Could be a trick of nature before we get a Spring snow, or it could be a scorcher off a Summer on the way. It's been a while since we had a scorcher but it can still happen!

I talked with Pale Rider this morning and he is maybe getting us some extra help for building a chicken coop. Good show, Pale Rider. He also said his business was picking up and he is taking on more drivers for his freight hauling. But he is telling them to hold on to their money and not act like things are good again because things are NOT good. It is a false start and will not last. He asked his guys to not be deceived but he thinks some of them will be nevertheless. I tend to agree with him 100%. The economy is not there and you had better not act like it is there.

I was wondering what would be said if about 2000 militiamen arrived unannounced at a jail up North where they are holding the Hutaree militia people and announced that the jailers had 3 minutes to release the detained men or the jail would be leveled. Then they blow the utility entrance to the building. It could be a welcome reunion for all involved.

We are a nation of law. We are raised that way. But Freedom Day, April 19th, is coming up very soon and it has no basis for obeying the law. King George's men were looking to take away the cannon and powder and shot that the men of this country has accumulated in preparation to defending themselves from the Brits. And that act in and of itself was illegal. But John Hancock, noted smuggler, had busted ass getting that stuff to the rebels and they knew it and did not want to waste the effort. So they hid behind trees and rocks and brush ands shot the British to shreds all the way back to Boston. No cannon were discovered and siezed, The arms of the rebels were safe. And the rebels were law breakers. Nasty criminals. However, it is seldom pointed out that the Powers That Be are the ones making the laws. No matter how corrupt and degenerate they might be. And if you are disgusted with the PTB then what are you going to do about their laws, or laws in general? Well, you might start off by breaking their laws. You do not believe in them anyway so what is the difference. You might even copy out your NEW law and nail it up on a post somewhere so that everyone can read it. That is what the PTB do, in a sense. If you are intent on rebeling against them you may as well announce your presence. For we are a nation of people who fight against unjust laws. We just run rough shod over tyrants and idiots. Serves them right. And every now and them we have to have a Concord and Lexington to show the bastards that we mean business. No big deal. It has been done hundreds of times in history. It is going on around the globe right now as a matter of fact. After the initial blowout we will have a war. And that happens every day of the week. War is ugly but necessary to a cleansing of the air. It can remove warts and blemishes from the face of humanity. Just be sure you are on the right side and that you don't give up. When a revolution starts the PTB have an advantage. They have the media and the army. They have most of the control of things. Your job, as a rebel, is to start the cutting back. the prunning if you will, of their power base. A little here and a little there and before you know it you may even get invited to talk about the whole thing by the other side. Don't do it. Keep kicking their ass. Get their banks and their political parties and their religions and SHUT THEM DOWN. Whip their troops. Do all kinds of nasty shit in the name of freedom. They do what they want with impunity now so you may as well do likewise. You get shown no respect so why should you respect them? They make no laws abridging their own power so don't you it either. REMEMBER, THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN TO CLEARLY DEFINE THE POWER OF THE GOVERNMENT, NOT AS A METHOD OF LIMITING THE COMMON CITIZEN. THE GOVERNMENT HAS LIMITED POWER, NOT YOU!

I was raised by a religeous and political rebel. He was a most brilliant man and he served a wonderful God. And God spoke to the man. Talked to him. Incredible. But what they shared in their talking to each other will be passed on to humanity. Don't doubt it. The scripture says to render unto her DOUBLE. Hell, I 'm ready. Are you? Stay alive.



Tattoo Jim said...

Amen brother !!!!!

Pete Smith said...


And we need to use our power to take back this country!!!!

Mayberry said...

Michael, the more I ponder on this Hutaree thing, the more rotten it smells. Stinks of Ruby Ridge.... But I wonder, why did these guys not defend themselves? And why did no militia offer them refuge when they asked? Why did no one come to their aid? I think the "pipe bomb" stuff is a crock of bullshit. Who the hell cares about pipe bombs? I built several with my friends as a kid, my buddy Daniel had an "Anarchist's Cookbook". We made 'em, we blew 'em up in empty fields. Great fun. Anyways, this whole thing stinks, from both directions. As usual, we're being fed a line of bullshit. One more thing, you ever seen Grand Jury inditments (sic) come down so fast?!