Thursday, March 4, 2010


I had a very nice experience this morning with an e-mail from Vlad Strelock. He is keeping some of us up-dated with news of the firearms freedom acts in various places around the country. Wyoming just passed their version of the act and it is a doozy. They put a section in that says that any federal employee who tries to tamper with anyone who is using a firearm made in Wyoming and said firearm has never left the state is guilty of a felony and can get prison time and a fine. TEETH! That's what I like. If you screw around with any Wyoming citizen you get bit on the ass! I love it. The Second Amendment of the constitution says quite plainly that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That means the fedgov cannot touch the guns. Period. No how, no way. The Blackwater guys in New Orleans who were disarming civilians were strictly out of bounds in their actions. Totally off the mark. And I think a man or a woman has the right to defend their own life. Do it any way you think is best. Do not let them turn you into slaves. You are not a vassal of the state, you are the boss of the state and don't forget it.

I got really angry yesterday when I read a screed about noticing that the same people who were involved in the making of our financial calamity are the same people who are supposed to be fixing it. That little situation is a travesty and should not be forgiven. Bernanke and Geithner are the main culprits. They never saw it coming. They don't see it now either, but they have 80,000 troops training in crowd control at Fort Stewart. Us guys who are in on this bit of knowledge are the crowd they want to control. We have talked too much and spread the gospel of truth across the land and they are pissed about it. I just hope for their sake they remember the BILLION ROUNDS per month that we buy and store away. Cause if they don't it will all be headed down range at THEM. And THEM is the New World Order boys who have come out of the closet. They are making themselves known and voicing their sick opinions quite openly these days. And people are starting to get upset about it. Obama has appointed the brother of a fence sitting Democrat to a Federal Appeals Court judgeship to get his vote for his out-of-touch Obamacare medical bill. Such things are expected of tin horn politicians. They haven't the brains to come up with a decent bill so they buy it's passage. Reminds me of Rome.

This fedgov of ours is the crookedest, stupidest bunch of nincompoops in existence. And it is growing all the time. More people now work for the fedgov than work in manufacturing in this country. I guess is if they give enough people jobs they cannot get voted out of office. Nice try, dogs, but it will not work. Your tax base is wasting away at an incredible speed and you will not be able to afford them. So sorry, Charley. But maybe you were thinking of forcing us to pay more taxes to pay for your hiring madness. Well, don't forget that you can't get blood out of a Turnip and whatever you do, don't forget about all of that ammo.

Don't you, the loyal prepping community, forget the responsibility you hold in your hands. The keys to the future may very well be in your hands. You face an uncertain world and a bunch of crooks in government and business. The future may be uncertain but our response must be certain. We must not let our lives fall down when the rest of the world crumbles. We must hold high standards and high morals. No phony baloney need come from us. Let the PTB catch hell for that.

MM Paints over at has a very interesting article leading off this morning about organic food from China. It is all being done with smoke and mirrors. No one can find out who is doing the organic certifying over there. No one really knows shit from apple butter about the whole deal. Whole Foods is distributing this stuff and getting a premium price for it. Just some more bowing and stooping to our creditors, I reckon. I hate these people who will lie about what kind of food they are selling you. Their money comes first, and your health comes second. If you walk into a market and hold up some money and say you want a dozen free range chicken eggs and somebody holds up their hand and says they have them then that should be what you receive as your purchase. This group, Whole Foods, has a place of business and all that stuff. They have almost a couple hundred stores. Nice big Supermarkets. They can not afford to have their asses exposed as cheats in the market place. They would not let the investigators come into their store to film for the article. They would say that they could be damaged by the unfavorable exposure but that is no never mind to them if you suggest that their CUSTOMERS might feel a little damaged if they don't get their organic food. And if you don't believe in organic food, that is fine with me. Monsanto is beckoning with GMO foods. But if you want organic and you are part of the 10 to 20 billion dollar market we have in this country for organic foods, then ditch the GMO and get the organic and stay on the bandwagon.

I rant too much this morning. Stay alive.



Anonymous said...

Problem is that those idiots in government were smart enough to game the system and get elected to office.

Venal, corrupt, self-serving -- yes.

Stupid -- no.

When you add to the corruption in DC the fact that in voting OUT a man the electorate hated they voted IN a man who hates them and everyting America stands for, a man who taught consitutional law but has contempt for the constitution, then you arrive at the mess we are in.

Andrea said...

"The keys to the future may very well be in your hands"

I told a friend of mine something very similar a couple days ago...that prepping isn't solely about storing food and bullets; that it's about being prepared to rebuild. WE'RE going to be the ones that remember the old ways while creating a new culture. If you can't stock up on supplies due to finances or space, then LEARN a useful skill and make sure your children learn it too.

Mayberry said...

There is so much to rant about...

Pete Smith said...

Keep up your rant it helps me start my day. Pete