Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Good morning to all of you out there who made it through the night. We are embarked on another day above ground. But I believe those days are going to become harder to come by pretty soon. If you read this morning you will find that there is possibly some forces at work that will try to limit your activities in the coming days. Be sure and read the comments to this morning's blog at The Fight of Your Life. Things may be getting out of hand, folks. Drastically out of hand. To top things off on my morning, Mike Kemp sent me a URL to a King World interview with Gerald Celente. My wife played it on her computer because she has sound capability and I don't. It was almost a half hour long and the time flew by. A very good interview. Celente was in great form. I would put the URL up for you but it will not transfer to this Google blog site so you will have to get it yourself. It is one of those 3-complete-lines-across-the-page type of URL and there is no way I could get it right.

But things are moving right along as we make our merry way toward the collapse. The wife is picking up a couple cases of TP as I type. After all these years of stocking up we finally get some TP. I haven't read the news this morning but for some reason I don't feel left out. I don't feel there is something missing in my life. I really feel the blogs have got me on the right path and that will do me just fine. I know there are those who think that if they don't get to read CNN or MSNBC that they will be left out. I will have you in mind as my mind goes to who will be kept out of my stash. We ain't gonna be feeding Obama people. In fact, the federal government may as well stay the hell away from my and mine. They ain't wanted around here. We have too many people to feed now let alone a bunch of lazy socialist government workers. The day I read that the federal government had more employees than US manufacturers was the day I stopped respecting federal employees. People who don't produce a damn thing are making better money than real working people and that ain't right. 60 years ago real workers turned their noses up at government workers. Their abilities were considered second class or lower.

And that reminds me of modern preachers. Strictly second class or below. You know, a lot of preachers start out as young men all zealous for God. They are full of hope and courage. They have inspiration, a lot of times, and that keeps them going. An experience with the spirit doesn't hurt anything either. But as they get older and more established they suddenly realize that the denomination that gave them the card they carry in their wallet that gives them the right to preach in their church is really the boss. They get up in their 40's and they know they have no skills or talents beyond their ministry. They either toe the line or get booted out into a world they are not prepared to deal with. They are castrated little boys when it comes to dealing with the world as a man. So they meekly bow their heads and do as they are told. And there are thousands of them out in the world. Sick little boys who never grew up. And they will want to eat too! They will be looking for food the same as the federal government workers. They can look somewhere else, I say.

I do have some mercy for an old country preacher who has probably had to work at a job to make ends meet anyhow. They have little flocks and they work hard to keep them in a frame of mind to consider the good things of God. They pray for the sick and bury the dead and marry the young. They listen to all the problems of humanity and try to comfort all involved. To them I say honor to whom honor is due. They have worked in the heat of the day and should have some comfort in their old age. It has not been an easy life for some of them. When times get tough they are most likely the one who shows up at the door with a big box of food, generally bought with their own money. Help these type of people.

Things are getting close to the breaking point, I am afraid. And then the truth will come out. Who listened to the preppers and who didn't will be evident pretty quick. As always, I admonish you to get the hell out of town. And I know a lot of you have VERY good reasons for staying there. But for your own sake and the sake of your families, GET OUT! There ain't a damn thing in a town that is worth donating your life to try and save. Everything worth saving is mobile and can make the trip with you. Stay alive.

P.S. I just want to say that I read a blog called and down near the bottom of his site is a post titled "Stay out of the devil's den" This post has more truth in it than 50 preachers will come up with next Sunday. I thoroughly advise you to read it. Then, after you read it, think of the other places you need to stay out of. Hang on! It will be a helluva ride.



Dr. Richard said...

Salaries and benefits for government employees are completely out of whack and excessive. We got our local weekly newspaper yesterday and the lead story was about how our county was #1 in the nation for median income based on a Forbes study of the 25 counties in the US with the most income. 11 of the top 25 counties are suburbs of Washginton DC (where government employees live) with 6 Virginia and Maryland suburban DC counties being in the top ten at ranks #1, #2, #3, #6, #9, and #10.

The government employees are all doing great. Unfortunately, the rest of the population in those same counties is not (myself included). When the bad times come, all of these government employees are going to be part of the golden horde with their entitlement attitudes.


hector said...

what is TP?


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the mention. It lifted my spirits!

Pete Smith said...

Michael the more I read your blog the more I like it. I find myself everyday getting up and going the the computer first to read your blog and a few others. Keep up the great work and stand ready, because you are very right the collapse is coming. Pete

vlad said...

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