Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I haven't been on my economic blogs yet today so you are spared all of that. I know it gets old but I am always looking for the trigger to the collapse of our infrastructure. I still think it funny that the PTB can get ready and stock up and all of that stuff but when we do it as individuals or small groups we are labeled nut cases and extremists. I wonder why the fedgov would be against prepping. They do it. I'm just following my government and my ancestors. Our family always had big gardens and we put up lots of canned good. As a 12 year old kid I raised hundred chicken lots of roosters for the family freezers. If you came out on the day we butchered chickens you got plenty of free meat. Of course that was back in the day when you bought gas to drive out to our farm at a rate of 10 gallons for less that what we pay for one gallon these days. That was back in the day when gasoline producers and vender's actually advertised on TV in order to get you to buy their brand. But things change and we have to change with them.

The ground down at our garden is still too wet, though it will not be tomorrow, more than likely. Publius has given me an okay heads up on my late planting of corn, Big John's ladies have told me they get good results planting late, and Jim Haddix said to go ahead and do it. So I am getting myself squared away to maybe plant tomorrow. We will see how the weather God's react to my plight. 60 chance of thunder storms tomorrow. That means more yes than no.

Obama's message to the world of peace and love and do it my way is not taking too well with the rest of the world. Some folks are even telling him to butt out of their business. Can you imagine anyone with the audacity to tell that to the great Obama? Obama has a lot of power behind him. Power that he never worked for and created. Sorta like someone dropping $10,000 worth of survival food off at your house and leaving it to your personal disposal. He has never had a real job nor run a business. He is a life long theorist, not a practitioner. He got his economic remedies out of a book and not out of his experience. Us plain and simple folks just do what we know to do. What we learned from our grandparents and parents. What we have seen work before. Most all the things I write about concerning day to day living are from my personal experience. And I read the survival blogs just like you do to pick up anything I might have missed along the way. I know what to do to get prepared. It is just a matter of accomplishing it. Limited budget people must watch their finances and spend their money where it is best used. I have in mind a four figure food buy and a wood cook stove installed downstairs. That could be a real blessing if I can pull it off. One does what one can, however, so I make no promises.

The ammo shortage is pretty real. I get complaints from all across the nation these days. Gun manufacturing is making a comeback and they should be in good supply. Buy what you can afford in as good a quality as your money will provide. Your well being could depend on it. Don't forget your medical preps. I told you that Mike Kemp is shooting year-old insulin these days and it is working for him just fine. He says keep it cool and don't puncture that membrane on the top until you are ready to use that particular vial. Once you pierce that membrane you are on the clock as far as using the medicine. In hot weather and in a power outage he has put his insulin in a bag and lowered it down a well casing to keep it cool. Works just fine, he said. You people who are diabetics might want to experiment and see how you can get along using alternative methods of insulin preservation. Write to me about your findings and I will publish it on the blog.

The WIFE is blanching some peas in preparation to freezing them. Good old Amish grown peas. If I can get me some corn planted tomorrow I will have my grain for the Winter. Rice will come with the next food buy. But I already have quite a bit of rice stored. And I love rice. Plain old rice with a little butter and salt will make me a meal if I let it. Way too much carbs for my fat ass but I like the stuff. I am dieting the Atkins way right now and have been on it a couple of weeks. I am already showing sign of improvement. My type 2 diabetes brother-in-law is doing the Atkins with me and his insulin usage has dropped from 25 units a day to 10, with his sugar staying low to normal. He hopes to be off of the insulin pretty soon. The wife is going to a local orchard store to see what they have in the way of good fruit. Maybe some goodies are headed our way. I watch the fish in the lake jumping and I know we have a good supply on hand. Our lake grows good tasting fish. But they were created to do just that. Clean water and spring fed. The lake grows good sweet tasting Channel Catfish that will hit your bait like a Bass. Healthy, strong fish. Just the kind of meat I like, next to local venison of course. You just can't beat the local venison. I'll go for now and admonish you to stay alive.



JD said...

No comments yet? Me first.

The local Academy sports store had my presence the other day. The gun department was fully stocked and included no fewer than 8 AR type rifles. Six months ago there were none.
.223 ammo was hidden behind the counter back then too along with the .308 and everything else except for 7MM, .270 and some 30.06.

Not now. There were more than 100 boxes of .223 (Monarch) and several more boxes of higher grain/price stuff up there. On the shelves out front, not hiding in a safe in the back.

Maybe folks are buying boat stuff or sports equipment. But there was plenty of guns and ammo. For now.

Staying Alive said...

John, It sounds like you have a good thing going in your area. But the ammo thing does not seem to be national as yet. The guns are making a comeback. Everyone should be happy about that, if they don't already have their black guns. Somebody was buying them!


Mayberry said...

The economic situation in this country, in my humble opinion, is just as dire as it was six months ago, if not more so. The so-called "green shoots" being reported by the mainstream media are crap, based on lies and cooked books. Here in "recession proof" South Texas, stores keep closing, and jobs are hard to come by...

Ammo is still scarce, the shelves at Academy are still empty. Forget about .38, or .45 ACP. Shot shells are mostly target loads, with sporadic bird shot. The only stuff in any quantity is the expensive stuff, like .375 H&H, .416 Remington, etc....

Still waiting for well work to be done for our garden down here... Fortunately, our growing season is quite long.....

Western Mass. Man said...

Up here in MAss, ammo/gun situation is easing. I too am seeing black rifles on the shelf and good supply of ammo. .223, 9mm, .45 acp supply is coming back. Problem area I'm seeing is .22LR. Short supply around here and price is doubling. Chinamart still sells it for $18.00 per 550 bulk box if you can find it. Local gun shops have same box for $35.00.

shiloh1862 said...

Went to Cabela's on Fathers Day. There were a few black guns. I little .308 and .45 reloading materials but as as whole ammo was in short supply.