Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'll start this out by telling you to not let your kids join up with Obama's volunteer group. It is the start of government service for the next few decades and we do not need it. I would also like to drop a few words on you about your children's learning process in the coming years. The thing you must grasp is that when the shit goes down we will start a generation of kids like we have not seen for a long time in this country. The SHTF KIDS will be absolute monsters. Oh, they won't be undisciplined punks who cannot cut the mustard socially, quite the contrary. They will be disciplined because that is how they will survive. They will take pleasure in simple things. They will be happy in a group. They will have an understanding of life beyond what our present children are experiencing. They will not be easy to bullshit. They will understand that 1 plus 1 equals 2 and any deviation from that will require serious study and consultation. Our SHTF KIDS will be the wonder of the country. maybe even of the world. And we will desperately need them. Things will most likely get pretty ugly in this country and some smart strong kids may be just what it takes to keep it all together. Our SHTF KIDS will be tough. You will not bully them or push them around. If you try that shit with them they will mash your face. Just do not let the government get a grip on them. What have you ever seen the government do well? Do you think they could do a good job of raising your children? KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT THE HANDS OF THE GOVERNMENT.

I have news from all over the place about guns and ammo and the word is not good. Shotguns and their ammo seem to be okay for right now but Rifles and Pistols are getting to be scarce. The Big Four of ammo is getting to be non-existent. That is 9mm, 45 acp, .223 and .308. It will take something pretty startling to rectify this situation. Folks with money and no guns should investigate shotguns immediately. The stuff is out there and it works. If you can shoot a scattergun, load up and be prepared to defend what you have. The days of "pick and choose" are just about over in the world of firearms and I haven't a clue as to when they will return, if ever. I sure do hope you have heeded the words of the writers of survivalism and you early on got your guns and ammo laid on. You just never know who or what you may have to shoot just to stay alive. Just be ready to get it done.

I am assuming you have some type of roof over your head and that you can get on to other things. If you don't have a roof to cover your head then you had damn well better get one. I have 38 years spent getting settled where I am now. I do not aim to leave here unless it be God's will. I have plenty to do and will not be bored or hungry. And old car would be better than a cardboard box as far as a place to sleep is concerned. A small cabin or a little dry cave would be at the top of the list for anyone starting out. We built log lodges to house us in the early years. Small little bedrooms on each floor. We just needed a place to sleep as we had a common dining area. The bathrooms were outside. We made it just fine. Just go price the cost of a complete bathroom and then go price an outhouse. No comparison.

I have not heard of a dramatic upheaval in the price of home medicine these days. Nothing really cheap and nothing really expensive. Just make sure you have your basics. You need your bandages and pads and tapes and all of that good stuff. You need your ointments and your disinfectants and all of that jazz to go along with it. Iodine and Mercurochrome and hydrogen peroxide are very nice to have in an emergency. Can you do stitches? I can't. But I would like to be able to do it. You need to stock any type of medication that you take regularly. Especially insulin. Learn how to preserve insulin. You should be able to keep a years supply if you don't use that expensive shit that takes a prescription. For the most part I do not believe anything a doctor tells me about diabetes or insulin. Learn to treat your own infirmity. You will be way ahead in the game.

As of last Friday evening we had as many bank failures for 2009 as we had all of last year. It is gonna get ugly, I am afraid. I sure hope that everyone took the advice of investing in TANGIBLES last year and does not have their money in a bank. Gold and Silver would be better than in a bank. My gardening season starts in about three weeks and I intend to get right to it. The people will need the food and I think they will be amendable to helping with the stuff. Help in the garden is vastly appreciated.

Stay alive!



HermitJim said...

Some very good suggestions and food for thought, my friend!

san5pedro said...

Just a short story on ammo. I've been haunting the local Wally-
world every other day for weeks in hope that they would get some regular ammo in stock. This AM I had to drive the Mrs. to work, so on my way back to my job, I decided to drop in and see if anything had come into Wally.

I was the third of five guys in line at 7 AM and we cleaned them out of 9mm (3-box limit) and seriously dented some other calibers as soon as the Sporting Goods clerk showed up at the register. Almost all of what the truck brought overnight, was gone in like ten minutes!

Sanjac said...

Your post hit home today as my wife is carrying our SHTF baby. We shall see what the future holds. My garden was coming along great until the storm we had come through Texas last week. We had some wind gusts at 47mph and sustained at 20mph. That coupled with the 6+ inches of rain in one afternoon wreaked havoc on plants and trees alike. It makes me realize how tough our ancestors had it. Too little rain, too much rain, cloud cover and cold days, clear skies and blazing heat. It is amazing we all have survived for generations when we are living in the midst of a complex and fickle process. Anyway, good post Michael.

ErinAndBrad said...

Good post Michael. Very true about TSHTF kids - I have some of those now ans they are very aware and ready to rumble!

Learn to suture - check out the army manuals - free online from I know how to suture, start IV's etc and have supplies on hand to treat many things.

Mayberry said...

I hope I can instill that kinda gumption in my kiddos.... All I can do is lead by example, and explain why I do what I do.

It does seem that the SHTF train is speeding up, don't it......