Friday, April 24, 2009


In further writing on the lies we are told by our media and our politicians, I want to draw your attention to Glenn Greenwald's piece on Lew Rockwell today. It's a story about recent Pulitzer Prize winner David Barstow. Barstow got the Pulitzer Prize and no one will even talk about it in the media. It is an investigative article on how the networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and Fox, hired retired generals to "analyze" the news for the viewing public but were really shills for the Pentagon and it's war aspirations. There was also lots of shilling going on for different companies the generals were invested in that made things for the war. And no one in corporate media will even mention Barstow's name! All those fat cat generals were nothing but a bunch of liars working for the "Lie Machine" out of D.C.

Now, as I read the up-beat financial news, I wonder how many of those economists are really paid advertisers? Cause the neat stuff is only happening in the news!



ErinAndBrad said...

No big surprise!

Mayberry said...

Yeah, this stock market "rally" is simply supported by hot air. The news boys say it is good, so it must be good. But the truth always seems to sneak in and pop their little balloons......