Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have so many things to write about that I have to get some of it done just to clear my mind. One thing that eases my mind is that I have learned how to get sparks from my FIRESTEEL. I am very proud of that accomplishment.

I have been watching food yesterday and today. It is going up in price folks, so get ready. What ever it takes to keep yourself fed and still stay our of the state penitentiary is permissible by my standards. Don't rip off any poor people and don't get caught ripping off the rich. But get yourself fed! And your friends and family too. You really should have a lot of experienced help in getting food ready for your family. I found out yesterday that the food industry was the second largest employer in the country, behind only the federal government. That must mean that one out of every ten or eleven people in this country are involved in food production. I hear Obama is going to make it easy for them to become citizens too. You can't be too good to the garden help! And don't bother going to the Mall to find workers either. They ain't there.

The reason I bring this up is because food production is going to be one of the mainstays of human existence in the not-too-distant future. Folks living out in the country will be a lot better fed than their city brethren. And you will read and hear all sorts of folks paid good money to read you the news and they will tell you that things are getting better and they are lying out their asses about that. We are looking at 15 years of hard times and lots of violence spread throughout. But if you really pay out the money you can buy someone very well known and get them to say something good about the economy. The gig is called "Pimp my economy" and it pays well. You just don't get any extensions to your broadcasting contract. Something about "losing your salt" to the public.

I read an article about the abundance of money out on the market. It said there was plenty of money for borrowers. The problem was value. The market was trying to sell the same old shit to the public as it was before the Depression set in and no one is buying it. You can go buy a McMansion for some kind of money but people are feeling that it is a losing proposition. Obama is hustling cheap mortgages and all of that but I do not think many people want them. Why buy a house if you are going to lose your job the next month. Where is the value in that? What ever happened to the idea of buying a small piece of land on contract and starting out to build your home right there? Why do you have to be in town when you buy your property? I've been telling you to get the hell out of Dodge for over a year and I would assume most of you had gotten the message. A shack with a wood stove that you own is better than a McMansion the bank owns. For God's sake get a piece of land that you can hold on to somehow. I was reading our new copy of Backwoods Home magazine and it had a line in it about one couple that put a simple ad in the local newspaper asking for free wood to burn. They got their wood.

I wanted to mention the Pirates off the coast of Somalia. They hold an atrocious number of ships and crews hostage, expecting ransom to be delivered in good time and in sufficient amount. They recently took a ship with 22 American crewmen. The US Navy got the ship back but I do not know about the Captain the pirates were holding. The thing that got me was that crewmen on the hi-jacked vessels were not allowed to have firearms and to fight back. It has been 200 years since any pirates took an American ship. But our government has managed to give one away. It is a different world today.

Hang on to what the good God gave you.



ErinAndBrad said...

Super blog Michael!!! We are finally ordering our firesteels - I had forgotten about them and you jogged my memory - THANK YOU! A great place to visit is too.

We would love to buy some land and have been looking in our area, there just doesn't seem to be any! Dern it. We want to build a Calearth sandbag house - way cool and wayyy cheap too!Oh well - almost outta time anyhoo!
Thanks for being on here Michael.

Anonymous said...

The US Navy was over 500 miles away. The CREW of the vessel took the vessel back from the hijackers and threw them overboard, capturing one. The hijackers took the Capt with them and made it back to their dingy. A swap was arranged but the hijackers reneged and kept the Capt after their associate was released. A US navy warship finally made it and is negotiating for the release of the Capt.

scoutinlife said...

Another good post thanks for sharing1

Mayberry said...

It is most certainly "crunch time"......

HermitJim said...

What ever happened to the governments claim that they would NOT negotiate with terrorists? If I ever saw a terrorist, then pirates would definitely fit the description.

If the PTB had balls as big as their mouths, we would be better off!

Just my 2 cents...