Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I cannot make up my mind about the flu situation in this country and the world. I mean, I can make up my mind because the whole thing seems to be a crock of shit. We had one 22 or 23 month old kid brought over the border at Brownstown, Texas, from Mexico. The child was transferred from Brownstown to Houston for better care but they could not save the child. This is a sad state of affairs but it happens several thousand times a year in this country. I can feel sorrow for the family of the young child and I hope their sadness is short and that they have more children to help them get over this. But it is not earth shaking news for a child to die of influenza. It happens.

The media coverage is a sad thing. There are so many conflicting stories it is angering. I see web pages with stories that say there is very little death from this flu and web pages that say there are many deaths. We have had one death from the flu in this country and it was an import. It is like a crazy world cartoon. The media announces some statistic, whether it be true or false, and then the country goes wild. I got up Monday morning and read all the horror stories and doused myself with homemade Sambucol thinking I had better err on the side of safety rather than on the side of neglect. This morning the wife gave me a drop, one lousy little drop, of Oil of Oregano in about 6 ounces of water. I'm a tough guy and I got it down. I was also an ignorant guy and don't know if I can do that again. That stuff is vile to the max. But at least I can say I have had the experience. The next time it comes around I will kindly point to your ass and holler out your name! I don't want to have too much of a good thing.

But I think I was wasting my time. You can read the news and just about come up with any viewpoint you care to follow. I reckon the idiots have at least given us the drive to have an emergency flu drill and maybe we needed it. We should have an idea as to just where our weak spots are now. My advice is do your handwashing drill many times a day for a few days and keep an eye on the news. Some folks that wash their hands a lot say to rub a dab of Olive Oil on them and you won't get cracked skin on your hands.

I do not know what this is all about. You know the old game of one Pea and three Walnut shells and you have to guess what shell the Pea is under. That is sorta like how life is going in the news of late. So many stories of so many things. Just hammering away at our limited attention spans. So what is going on that we are not noticing? These jerks know to use a catastrophe to mask their shady deals so what is going on that we should be seeing? I reckon a lot of folks are not too trusting of our government these days. I don't know whether or not I told you earlier this week but the citizens of our fair country bought three and a half MILLION weapons during the last 3 months of 2008. And we bought ONE AND A HALF BILLION ROUNDS OF AMMO TO GO WITH IT. Fantastic! I never felt so good about my fellow country men before. Well done, Brethren! Well done indeed! If the fedgov is fixing to do something really nasty to us we can turn it around and throw them a good party, a Ballistic Party.

Stand your ground. Be ready. It's coming.



Dragon said...

Something is in the air. I can feel it, a tangible feeling...I got one eye on the flu situation and the other on the roads looking for strange out of place traffic... a good place to listen is when the OTR truckers start talking... and I ain't talking about mayberry's post. I've been looking at trains and trucks for a bit now... Just a feeling I can't shake. Watch and listen, but turn your B.S. detector up to 11. Also watch the birds and animals. once you get used to the harmony. any disruption will be more evident.

shiloh1862 said...

I agree Dragon.

And Michael, yes our fellow American citizens have upped the ante a lot....

JD said...

Possible pandemic + food shortages (2008) + gun/ammo shortages (ongoing) and massive financial meltdown (current) = Perfect Storm. We can never be prepped enough or in time.

Ren said...

Mr Boone, you are one of the few calling things like they are. I agree. I think this is a left handed jaw tap, gettingus ready for the right hook coming to smash our jawbone. I got that same feeling in my gut.