Saturday, April 18, 2009


The news from around the globe is looking pretty grim these days. The Mainstream Media is trying to act like the situation is getting better but the facts say different. The truth of the matter is that things are getting worse. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics haws my home state of Indiana listed at 10% unemployed. Figuring the fedgov at 50% lies make it around 20% out of work. Sounds more like it.

I went on a log buying mission yesterday and tried to buy some logs and make a little money. It didn't happen. I tried a guy who I have known for a few years and have dealt with in the past. He and I have gotten along really well and I have bought a lot of logs from him and paid him every time. Our favorite thing is to argue over the grade of a log. But yesterday I could not buy a damn thing. And the sticking points were not grade but pennies per foot on the buying price. 5 cents per foot shot a deal down. And there was no room to make it up. Everyone is cutting to the bone and it is very tight in the market place. It does not matter how much money you have, it is the market you are selling into that calls the score.

Purchase orders are not worth the price of the paper they are written on. Chinese companies are writing orders and by the time the fax machine gets it here the order is cancelled. The Japanese are doing the same thing. The people of India are trying to do better. And they will not do business with the Chinese.

Guns and ammo are becoming a joke. Either the price is out of reason or the ammo is out of stock. Bargains may never be seen again. Bills are being introduced in state legislatures in Californicate and other places that will make buying guns and ammo extremely difficult to obtain. Americans are gearing up for war and the Powers That Be are trying to stop it. If I was a military man I might be persuaded to think that the Powers That Be were getting ready to war against the citizens. Why else would they go so strong in the direction of disarmament?

People I know who are not preppers are noticing the difficulty of buying non-hybrid garden seed. I got fixed up by Big John Lipscomb last year and I am ready to plant and harvest. There are so many people imitating Big John that it is becoming strange. I checked out his blog this morning and he said his closest competitor was a CIA backed operation. I think it best to get my seeds from THE MOOSE and not the GHOSTS.

Not a whole lot of stuff going on concerning prepping. A little bit can be picked up in idle chit chat but people are starting to stay pretty close mouthed. Good for them. But people are planning on more garden than I have noticed in years past. I want to get some egg layers to working! I like those eggs in the morning. It may be time to buy some wheat for flour too. It's getting a little expensive but I can get it from the Amish. At least I will get what I pay for!

I am noticing more and more people getting to know their neighbors and what they grow and produce. Good idea. You want to make what you bring to the table dovetail with your neighbors. There has been no open confiscation of home grown food as yet and there may not be. Gardens in the city and the suburb will get ripped-off but the deep cover country folks will survive, I think. Be ready to protect your food.

Walmart sold 100 round boxes of 12 gauge #8 shot for $14 and did it for years. Last year they went to $24 a box of 100. Kemp went to a Mis'sippy Walmart this week and the price had gone to $44 per box. Not good.

Stay alive.



Phil said...

I have a drinking buddy who is the manager of the local BI Mart.
I tore into him pretty good the other day about the empty ammo shelves.
He told me he can't keep 'em stocked, people are buying up everything he has by the case.
I a going to personally have him order me some .243 Winchester and some .30-30 and keep it in the back room with my name on it.

I bought the last .243 Winchester they had last week for 18 dollars a box.

Mayberry said...

All I hear from my neighbors is snoring.... They're still asleep. "Everything will be fine, we're just in a rough patch". Yeah, keep tellin' yourselves that all the way up 'till the Sheriff posts the eviction notice on your door.....