Monday, April 20, 2009


Seems like a lot of folks are very pissed off about Obama shielding the torturers from Guantanamo and other places. The feeling among them is that a crime has been committed so why are we not prosecuting the individuals responsible for the torture. I think it is quite permissible to prosecute the demons who did the dirty work. I don't think Obama has the constitutional authority to hide these people from prosecution. I think Obama is merely observing the status quo and that is not grounds for a presidential pardon for torture, at least not until they have been convicted. It would surely be a delicate election subject in the future. Obama would like to be re-elected. So let this one roll around a while and we shall see if it gets legs or if it dies of malnutrition. But Obama is doing us a grave injustice in allowing the torturers to escape any punishment. One black mark for Obama. Can he live it down?

There is an article I read this weekend about Wall Street disconnecting from Main Street. Apparently Wall Street has not been going along with all the credit loans and stuff the bail-out is to provide. I just want to say that Wall Street has never, and will never, give a shit about how you are doing beyond taking your money with another stock trade. And Wall Street has many resources for finding out how much money you have available to them. If you don't have enough money to be profitable then you can forget about attention from Wall Street.



Jacob Gittes said...

It's sad and disappointing, but not surprising that no real accountability will be forthcoming from the new administration.

It is patently clear that whatever Obama's good intentions are (and I'm not one who thinks he's evil incarnate), there are "powers behind the throne" that set the real agenda.

Obama will be allowed to give us "treats," such as... well, what? What has he delivered? Some bullshit "shovel jobs" and measures that will temporarily -very temporarily - slow down foreclosure rates.

At some point, people are going to have to start doing more that complaining. They will need to hold mass protests, and physically prevent people from losing their homes, as happened in the 30's. That scared enough people back then to give the "middle class" and working man a reprieve.

The reprieve is over.

HermitJim said...

The age old excuse of "I was only following orders!" was used quite a bit during the trials of the "death camp" workers of Nazi gertmany!

Guess it still works!

ErinAndBrad said...

What else does anyone expect? It is all about power and money and most of us are not in that group (nor want to be thx). I will just keep prepping and watching my back!