Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Looks like another day at the survival mine. I'm sending in for 15 cans of Treet this morning. My protein stash is on steroids these days. You can't get enough protein, says I.

I had a funny experience this morning. I read an article at a well known survival site that said to put away some cash for the days ahead and then further down in the article is said we would be going into hyper-inflation. What the fuck? Over... I cannot see the sense of having cash when we're going into hyper-inflation. I said from the beginning that TANGIBLES was where it was at and I am sticking to that idea. Beans, bullets and band-aids will lead the way into the next arena of life and I, for one, am ready for a change. I am sorta sick of the things that have been going on in this country for the last few decades. Too much monkey business going on to make any sense to a rational person.

And isn't that what really bothers a lot of people around the globe? The fact that America is not making any sense anymore?

Getting into a little scripture here I note that the Book says that "a fool is known by his much speaking." And we have these fools talking all the time about problems, but they never solve them. They just use their words of stupidity to start wars and to tax the people some more. They talk about Liberty and make oppressive laws to stifle it. What a bunch of jerks. Why don't they just sit down and listen for a change. We won't hurt them. We'll give them good advice and strong motivation. We will sit right there with them. It says to keep your foot under the table and do not offer the sacrifice of fools. The sacrifice of fools is getting to your feet and telling the world how it is going to be and God not telling you a word of it to say. Foolish men.

America has always wanted the front seat at the table of nations. They have always wanted respect. They have always wanted to be obeyed. They have always wanted to have their way in all matters. Truthfully, this is not any new attitude for a strong and powerful nation. There have been many powerful nations in the past who have been the same way. And they crumbled too. Just like this nation is crumbling.

After WWII the planet was in ruins. The islands in the Pacific were bombed out. Japan had two nuclear bombs dropped on it. China had suffered terribly at the hands of the Japanese. Southeast Asia all the way across India was blackened by war. The Middle East had been hammered. The countries around the Mediterranean were in ruins. Europe had suffered hugely and was a pile of rubble. Russia had taken some of the worst hits of the entire war. England was a pile of battered bricks. The USA was the shining beacon of prosperity and victory to the entire world. One attack on Pearl Harbor was the extent of her infrastructure damage. She had massive factories and a prosperous, hard working people. She held up her ideals for the rest of the world to marvel at. America claimed her form of government to be superior to all others. She was the Queen of all nations. She was on the gold standard monetarily and her currency was good. She had given the Allies the needed firepower to crush the Germans. The Axis powers were all in flames. The Bretton Woods agreement was formed and signed. America was the provider of the world's reserve currency. She had oil and coal and iron for steel. She had natural gas and huge forests. She had a skilled workforce who could build anything from a chicken coop to a nuclear bomb. America had it all and was in a position to help the entire world.

But America had developed some quirks. While she could have changed the whole world for good she instead gave herself to cut-throat business. Her number one priority was the amassing of huge piles of money from foreign markets. Her business was to find people in great need and rip them off. The more poor and needy, the better to exploit. This attitude will surely get you in good with God. Not! Her military fights wars of convenience for her businesses that are exploiting the rest of the world. We do very little, if any, to make things right on this planet. And the chickens are coming home to roost. When America takes a big blow that knocks her from her pedestal of power there will not be any body of nations rush to her aid. Too many people have grown up taking it twixt the cheeks from America for her to be able to garner much sympathy. She has been blessed beyond belief and she has squandered her blessings. Let her reap her just deserts.

I am not anti-American. I love this country. But I am more in love with the part that God created than I am the bipeds walking around ruling it. The part I mentioned earlier, the part where I talked about America not making any sense to the rest of the world, is that the whole world is watching this American behavior and wondering why she is so stupid? She is going to take some vicious hits in her finances. There will be riots and burning and horrible trouble. Why is America acting like she is? She will need all the friends she can get. Yet she is making a fool of herself. She is becoming the song of the drunkards. Her name is cast for scorn. I pity her in the days to come. I hope everyone who feels the impulse to prepare does so with all possible speed and strength. Stay alive.


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