Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Michael sez: This article from CBS lays to rest once and for all the notion that police are out there to protect and serve. They are out there to serve their government masters. They should be indicting Wall Street criminals but no, they are fining any driver they possibly can. We can now forget about any denials of quotas and all of that. They lied. The truth has found them out.

NYC On Ticket Blitz; 200 Traffic Agents Added

Better Be On Your Best Behavior With Your Car Because Cash-Strapped City Is Out To Raise $66 Million

Manhattan To Get 100 Agents; Staten Island Spared ... For Now

ReportingPablo Guzman NEW YORK (CBS) ―

You may have begun to notice more traffic tickets being written. And you may have guessed -- correctly -- that it has to do with getting New York City more money. Well, brace yourselves, the city is putting 200 more ticket-writing traffic agents to work. The city's latest move to close the budget gap is annoying New Yorkers to no end. Soon, you may not be able to avoid the police no matter what you do. Approximately 100 of the agents will be in Manhattan; the other 100 will be spread out across the other boroughs. "You get stuck out there in the middle; not because you're not paying attention," driver Rob Frangavilla said. "People walk across; you're stuck there. I just think it's a crazy way to raise money." "No more tickets, because they're so aggressive," driver Ephraim Kaufman said. "It's unbelievable. Like, you go to pay the ticket -- for machine -- but while you put in the money to buy the ticket they give you a ticket!"

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly laid out the plan on Tuesday. "[We will put them] in Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens. We will not deploy them right now in Staten Island," Kelly said. The agents will be looking primarily for drivers who "block the box" at intersections. That ticket will cost $115. However, Mary Jo Albanese thinks it's a good idea. When asked if she'd be annoyed if the traffic agents came up to her and ticketed her instead of putting the notice n her car, Albanese said, "Well if I was doing the right thing, I wouldn't get a ticket." The city thinks it can raise an extra $66 million this way.


Mayberry said...


Terrence Maddox said...

They've started here with "Operation Pull Over".

Illegal search and siezure if you ask me.

I got one last weekend for obeying the speed limit, signs, and turns.

My old truck stood out among all of the Volvo's ("I bet that old truck has a bag of dope in it. Hell, the kind of people that drive something as ugly as that thing have to have some sort of outstanding warrant!")

My buddy and I got tickets for not wearing seat belts.

They would not have known if they didn't have the opportunity to "Serve and Protect".

BigBear said...

Most cities are doing this. Here in Colorado Springs there are literally two police forces one for ticketing and a smaller for actual policing.

hilljack33 said...

Ticketing is a big racket and always has been. We have a town just outside of Columbus that is a Speed Trap. It's soul purpose for existence is separate you from your money. The whole legal system is BIG BUSINESS !!!

LilBambi said...

Figures....sigh. There was a time when this type of thing was considered at the very least unethical, and at worse corruption in government.

Soon they won't need actual ticketing agents for this.

They are already sending tickets to drivers who are speeding in certain cities/towns across this country. Ticketing can be big business.

There are some small towns that for years have used unethical speed 'traps' along with quotas to raise money.

Most people who live near these towns know about it, and don't go there, or are very careful while there, so they don't get singled out for a ticket. But those who unwittingly travel through these little towns ...

Wonder if the ticketing police officers will wake up when they start lose their jobs to technology?