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The problem with trying to save some of humanity is solved. And I did not do any of it! I got on this subject to do some questions asked of me yesterday and I got the answer this morning. The main body of people in Europe and North and South America will suffer a die off when the bombs hit. A horrible die-off. Millions upon millions of people will die. The ones who survive, the ones destined to live on, will be prepared and have their routines together. This financial calamity coming up is just dress rehearsal for the big future shock. It will be harder to get ready after financial shock but it won't be impossible.

But this depression we are headed into will show a lot of people the benefit of living and working together. Because that is how a lot of them will survive. What feeds your belly and protects you from the wind and rain and snow will be looked upon favorably by the people.

I can see the people coming together now. Folks meeting at various places. Say for instance the local hiring hall which has no jobs. The local food bank that has no food. The local welfare office that has no money. The tavern that sells cheap beer. The local pawnshop where no one ever redeems anything. The local shooting range, if anyone has any ammo.

They might meet in jail cells or 'community service' road crews. They might meet in the much talked-about FEMA camps. They could meet in a church or a poolroom. They might meet in a local park while playing with their kids. They could meet at a bus stop. Anywhere. And they will talk the talk of the day. But it will be in code because everyone will be looking for an way out of the mess. You will be looking for people of your own kind. People of ability and/or foodstuffs and survival possibilities. You won't be able to talk much out in the open because everyone will want in and they most likely will have no contribution to make. Don't feel sorry for the people who have noting to contribute because they will join with other needy souls and they will come up with SOMETHING. Because that is the saving grace of real people. They will get it on when it comes to staying alive. They will find like minded folks who will be a help and an asset. There might even be a couple of folks in wheelchairs. This is good. People need to learn how to protect and take care of others. You could be in a wheelchair yourself someday and need some help. SO GET USED TO HELPING PEOPLE. Do unto others....

Before you even know it you will have a group. A group of friends united in the bonds of poverty. It won't be fun but it is a start and you gotta start somewhere. Ideas will be floating around like snowflakes in a blizzard. You especially want to listen for opportunities to get on some land. Out in the country kind of land. Not sub-division land. You're surviving, remember!

I'll tell you a little story here about one of the adventures of my youth. It was over 40 years ago so I reckon the statute of limitations has run it's course. I had left Indiana and gone to Nu Yawk Sity. The Big Apple. I found a group of hippies and we were living in a building on the lower east side. We were poverty stricken to the max and getting something to eat was a hassle of major proportions. I was a strong young man and I was used to acting, not talking. I quickly organized a Fagin's gang and we set out the next day to panhandle the great city. I must have had 15 people in the group. I split them up and set them around the area we had targeted. I was the muscle of the group. I walked around where they were doing their thing and made damn sure no one bothered them. If we did well for the day I got two cabs to take us all home. Then I got the money all together and went to the grocery store and got us food. There was no money for alcohol or dope until we were all fed.

So while you are finding some land you can have your own little Fagin's gang and try to keep the food thing going. The kids and the women need food the same as the men need food. And getting it is a job just like any other job, only you are panhandling. Fine old custom, panhandling. It will teach you about the human nature. You drop the girl with the toddler off in an affluent area where there is money to take care of the poor unfortunate. Her story could be that her husband had a good job with a lot of promise and got laid off and they lost their home to foreclosure and blah, blah, blah. Check out the Yellow Pages to find the name of a company that really does exist. If you get caught not saying things exactly proper with the record, excuse yourself and walk on. This is a panhandle scheme, not a testimony in a court of law. You have territory to cover and you don't want to get tied up in a bummer, no-win situation. And don't forget security for the ladies. All kinds of folks will be out on the street looking for targets of opportunity like you are. Don't let your ladies become targets of opportunity. Not good at all.

But your Fagin's gang is not the end-all be-all of your existence. You have bigger fish to fry and that is to be self sufficient. Self sufficiency is the rule of the day. Security, full bellies, a roof over your head, healthy children and adults, good drinking water. A place away from the maddening crowd. A place of friends and familiarity. A place of developing skills and maybe even healing. Your gang will be your eyes and ears to the world. They will hear the rumors and the stories both true and false. Get those stories! Listen carefully to what is being reported. Be polite and respectful as you listen. You could be hearing from God and not know it. Have people you can trust investigate anything that looks the least bit promising. Investigate yourself if possible. Leave no stone unturned in your search for a place to put the people, a place to call home and develop and live on. And if making the deal gets too ugly, then do what you have to do to get the land, just don't get caught. I hope I am making myself clear on this. Your genetic package is driving you to survive and so you had better get on with it.

But don't worry. You will get on with it. And if you don't lead it, someone else will. Because for people to live decently they will have to go this route. Life s going to teach folks that small communal villages and settlements will work and provide the necessities of life. If you are among the fortunate who got the lesson early, you can have some things that might otherwise be hard to come by. Guns and ammo. A big medical kit. Some meaningful food stores. Lots of non-hybrid seed for planting a garden. John Lipscomb will help you with that seed thing. Best prices on the continent as far as I can tell. Your water will be the big thing right off the bat. A hundred or a hundred and fifty people will need a lot of water, quickly. That has to be handled. But it will be handled because if you don't handle it you will die. Pain is one of the two great teachers of mankind. Pleasure teaches you how to feed yourself and pro-create, but pain has to handle the bulk of the rest of it. Going into dehydration mode? Get some fucking water! Get a temporary supply set up until you can get something stable and secure. Get it and boil it and use it. Get the cleanest water you can find. If you have a water testing kit like you can buy at Walmart you might even run some basic tests on your aqua. I do not know about testing for pathogens. I have requested help in this area and we shall see what the Lord doth bring.

One of your first hurdles in getting to your land is just getting there. Moving a large body of people is not an easy task. It can get downright nerve wracking. And you must figure out how to get all the stuff people have out to the land with them. Things like tools and clothing and food and utensils and cups and the myriad other things humanity is concerned with. The scripture says "with food AND raiment be content" Raiment is considered on a par with food so don't put it down in your mind. We humans need more than a double cheeseburger to make it. Having a skillet to fry it in is a start. and having a kettle to boil water in to go with your meal is a nice thing. Having something to do laundry in is a point of consideration. Clothing to replace that which you are wearing is nice also. If you are lucky enough to have a lady to do your laundry it's nice not to have to sit around naked while it is washed and dried.

And how about tents to house yourselves while you build something. Sure is nice not to have to lay out in the rain at night after a hard days work. Cause you will be working and working HARD. Harder than you have ever worked before in your life. You will do it so that you can be free and so you can survive and feed your family.

I've gone into this in more depth from this point on, recently, so I will drop this line of thinking and bring another item to the fore that might help you. I cannot say how the roads will be when it is time to get out of town. Some roads like where I live will be pretty safe and bother less. But a few miles from here in a more populated county and there may be road blocks and check points where you could get picked up and hauled to jail. Here again, your information system will be invaluable. If you have some old beater vehicles that have good paperwork on them then by all means use them to get your people out of town and passed the scrutiny of the pigs. Do not feed sheep to pigs. That is a dietary law for the next age of mankind.

I must get off this post and tend to other blog business. Jim Haddix and Mike Kemp are pounding at the door with good stuff. I got a bunch of new sites to visit in my morning blogging and I am enjoying them. Some real thinkers. So please stay alive and I will try to put up some more stuff tonight for your morning reading.

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Great Post!!....and I thank you for coming by my post for a read it is a great honor. Id Like to post this one on my blog with credit to you, of course, I think that it speaks volumes. If not I completely understand. I'll try to find the time to write my own lol.