Monday, November 10, 2008


Good morning to all of you out there in Bloggerland. It s supposed to be 23 degrees outside this morning and it ain't. It has now barely gotten to 31. I am disappointed. Not that I was hoping for 23 degrees because that means I would have turned on my heat and run up the electric bill, but I am always a little pissed when the boys at the weather posts blow it. That is what they are paid to do. They work their hours in studying computer models of what the weather is going to be like in the future. Get 'em fixed, fellas.

In reading the blogs this morning I found a lot of people are merely ruminating on the victory of Obama and consigning themselves to a few years of hopeless dread. But the answer to that would have been McCain and that would have been equally horrible. McCain might not have engaged in the great Socialist giveaway program that will be the legacy of Obama, but at least he will not be able to pass anymore extensions to the Patriot Act and other noxious pieces of legislation. It would tickle the shit out of me if Bush get hauled into court for violations of the Geneva Convention. We have laws on the books that make that a felony. Bush maybe getting convicted of a felony? Why not! He did the deed and let the chips fall where they may. Since it ain't an impeachment proceeding, Pelosi can't get him off with a nod of her head. She will be a spectator just like the rest of us. Poor Nancy.

So while we don't have a bunch of neocons trying to enslave us with unconstitutional laws, and a bunch of lying liberals who will follow the Maximum Leader Bush wherever he decides to lead, we have a bunch of slobbering degenerate liberals who love gays, love abortions, hate guns, like to see the populace in lock-step, and will probably try to institute a national police force, which is also unconstitutional. The next two years will see a terrible struggle of freedom loving people against what is referred to as the New World Order. And it will be a dandy fight. The Elite and the Fascists will be pitted against the common man. And this is no conspiracy theory crap. The Prime Minster of England is calling for international rules of economics right now. We will have to barter and trade off and all kinds of things to elude these bastards. Taxes will go through the roof. The Chinese are making noise about international rules governing trade and economy. It is going to be heavy.

As far as I know, I am still scheduled to be on Internet Radio tomorrow night. You just go to and pick the speed of your connection and you will be able to follow the action. It will be the Big John Lipscomb Show and he runs a good show, believe me. I will be planting some of John's seeds in about 6 months from today. And that will be the earliest. I intend to pay more attention to soil temperatures this year. The frost date in these parts in May 10 but that does not mean the soil will be warm enough to germinate the seed. I am not going to do any transplanting this year. I am going in with seed only. It the soil if warm enough and the water is there, then we have a lift off. My crazy neighbor, God bless him, planted about half his tomatoes as transplants last year and the other half he just planted seed. The plants coming from seed got off to a slower start, naturally, but very quickly passed their transplanted brethren. He thinks the yield from the seed plants was better also. I like this approach. I don't have the window space to start all those plants early and I don't really have the money to buy plants for transplanting. People got by for thousands of years just planting seed and I am gonna give it a shot. My Survival Seeds are from old stock and they have made it for hundreds of years, some of them. No reason they shouldn't make it if I use my head and wait until the soil is warm enough. Wish me luck.

Guns and ammo are big talk these days, still. Folks are going crazy to get stocked up before Obama starts making things difficult to defend yourself. Can't say as I blame them. One of my friends said he was now officially a member of the 10,000 round club. I congratulated him heartily. It's kinda funny how Obama is talking about healing things in this world and a whole lot of people are going ahead and preparing to make it when he fails at the healing effort. Does this tell him anything? Does this tell him that the people who really THINK about things of the world are predicting his fall from grace? Does it inform him that the thinkers of this country are predicting his failure at leading America? Are there any reasons for him to CARE about the people who think in this country? All he is really concerned with is winning elections and keeping those paychecks coming in. So keep piling up the ammo as high as you can get it. Use it to stay alive!


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