Monday, November 10, 2008


The Queen has lost bundle, and I mean a bundle, on the current market. She has the most revered financial advisers in the country, with data at their finger tips that maybe we don't have access to. But she is not amused. Maybe the richest woman on the planet and her wealth has taken quite a hit. All those Royals getting money and the Queens fortune is to back it up? Well, things are tough all over.

She is not as bad off as the GM retirees, who are having their medical benefits cancelled. Most of the GM retirees don't know one end of the health insurance field from a hole in the ground. And GM has more retirees than they have workers. They don't know Medicare from Adam. Can you imagine all these people in the 70's trying to all of a sudden learn all about the fedgov system for health care? Sure will be a task. GM is going to give all retirees a $300 a month increase in their pensions to help out with the cost of insurance. Which can only mean that $300 a month will not cover it. God help them.

As for the Queen? Well she can rent out concession areas in the courtyard at Buckingham Palace and bring in enough loot to support herself. Flea markets, yard sales, food vendors, T-shirt hustlers...all kinds of people would love the exposure of selling at Buckingham Palace. And it would only have to be for a couple days a week on the weekend.

Stay alive folks!


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