Friday, November 21, 2008


Michael sez: This story ws sent in by my friend Joel Harford. He is a regular reader of the blog and is very diligent in looking for approaching dangers. We need people like this.

Santa Ana, Cal, Nov 15, 2008 (CNA).- On Friday, leaders representing California’s Proposition 8 called on Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Diane Feinstein and leaders of the ‘No on Proposition 8’ campaign to denounce attacks against citizens who support the constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and a woman.

Leaders of the coalition and approximately 500 supporters of “Yes on Proposition 8” gathered in Santa Ana to voice their opposition to the increasing attacks and harassment against supporters of traditional marriage.

"Amidst all this lawlessness, harassment, trampling of civil rights and now domestic terrorism, one thing stands out: the deafening silence of our elected officials. Not a single elected leader has spoken out against what is happening,” noted the campaign co-manager, Frank Schubert.

“Where is Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger while churches are being attacked? And where is Senator Dianne Feinstein while people are losing their jobs and grandmothers are being bullied by an angry mob?" he asked.

Schubert spoke at the first press conference of the Protect Marriage coalition since the election, which saw Proposition 8 pass with 52.5% of the vote. Since then, hostility has dramatically increased against those who supported the measure.

Another leader, Pastor Jim Garlow recalled that, "For 14 months, we have been called bigots and hatemongers and we have not retaliated against these unprecedented attacks. But we will not be silenced."

Around California, supporters of Prop. 8 have been targeted by their opponents. According to a press release, in addition to church vandalism across the state, in Sacramento, a musical theater director was forced to resign after he was blacklisted for contributing $1000 to the initiative. In Los Angeles, a Mexican restaurant owner was boycotted after a relative donated to the coalition.
The most recent attack occurred yesterday when the headquarters of the Knights of Columbus and several LDS temples were mailed an unknown white powder, reminiscent of the Anthrax scare in 2001.

The white powder was tested on Friday and was found to be non-toxic.

The Associated Press reported that the FBI is investigating the white powder incidents because it is illegal to release a powder or substance to threaten harm and scare the public.


scoutinlife said...

Having morals an God fearing beliefs is just not the acceptable to the public way of thinking by so many these days!

The Scavenger said...

The funny thing about this whole thing is that if it where the other way around, straight people would be arrested for a hate crime. Scout, ya hit the nail on the head there buddy.


BigBear said...

A moral life does not require a belief in God and a belief in God certainly does not guarantee a moral life.