Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, it's over. Obama is our new President and we don't have to listen to any more campaign crap for a while. Obama will be a strange president as he has a lot of ideas counter to good survivalism. He will try to please all the anti-gun people and that does not do us any good. You have about two and a half months to stock up on guns and ammo. You might start saving coal for your electric generator too. Obama has promised to do some drastic things about coal-fired generating plants. On the plus side, I told the Handmaiden last night that at least Obama should get rid of the neocons, and I cannot think of a more deserving group for eviction. Obama will do some stupid things as he goes about trying to prove his ability to govern, but we can counter this with preps. No matter how stupid and Marxist this guy is, we can be ready for the crash to come.

I surfed around the 'net this morning and read a lot of comments from some of the old civil rights folks. Black people who had marched on Selma, Alabama, and had felt the wrath of their white oppressors when the German Shepherds were turned loose on them. I saw pictures of them when they found that Obama had been elected President. Tears were running down their faces as they cried in thanksgiving that their effort had been rewarded at last. They were praising God for their justification. I was with them on this point. Contrary to my redneck outlook on life I have always felt that most blacks were people like me and they would do what they could in life to make things better for themselves. Just like my ancestors had done. No civilization was ever built without slaves. But it has been damn near 500 years since the blacks were brought to this part of the world and it was time for the shit to stop. I don't like Obama and I think he will be a piss poor president, but I am thankful that the black people have now had a step up the ladder of life. I hate to bust their bubble but now they can be treated just like myself and my friends and that will not be too pleasant for them. They will be enamoured with the constitution and like me watch it be trampled in the dirt. Instead of looking up they can look around. And they will see the mess they have gotten themselves into. Good luck folks! And don't take the every day bullshit of American life personally. We all have to suffer it.

And maybe, with all this new found respect and honor, we will start to get black preppers. I'll bet those folks know some tricks we don't. Welcome aboard the Good Ship Survival!

Stay alive.



Dragon said...

Well Put. I hope the neo cons are livid enough to jump. set the brown shirts back a peg or two too. Dragon

scoutinlife said...

It will be interesting to see what unfolds the next 4 years..........