Monday, November 17, 2008


Michael sez: Just got this in from Uncle Vlad. Looks like Obama is gonna grab, grab, grab your guns. I detest these NWO guys. I will prep to the bitter end and keep my guns until they pry my cold dead fingers from around them. I will not live in a prison camp called America. God bless you all.

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In My Opinion

Here’s what my observations amounted to after discussing with several Licensed and Un-Licensed Dealers at the High Caliber Gun Show at George Brown this weekend:

Obama will close the Gun Show Loophole Exemption (confirmed by Dealers discussions with ATF. What this means is that there will be no more un-documented transfers of firearms between individuals. If someone comes to purchase a firearm from you (relative, friend, whatever) a Federal Form will have to be filled out supplying addresses, DL’s, SS#’s and submitted to either local police or ATF for filing. Not good for us…………….

Obama will initiate at the very least an Assault Weapons Ban (Hey they belong on the Battlefield, not on our Streets) and even more likely a ban on sales of firearms in total. He wants to remove handguns (your right to protect yourself and family) from the public.

Obama can choose to pull what I call “The Mexican Thing” where he bans all Military calibers. In Mexico it is instant jail time (or worse) if you are caught with 9MM, .45 ACP, 5.56/.223, .308 or .30-06 ammunition. This is the main reason .38 Super is the big seller in Mexico (when you can find it). Remember dissatisfied peasants just stand around. Armed dissatisfied peasants usually revolt.

Obama has already backed the initiative to ban the use of Lead Wheel weights which are the Reloading community’s bread and butter. Include with this the ban on powder and primers and he has effectively reduced us to bows and arrows or homemade black powder.

Prepare for Obama to increase taxes on ammunition and guns and/or incrementally ban them outright.

Now for the show:

Panic Buying is the best word to express it. As a FFL/MG Dealer for many years I have seen panic buying with every Administration change, but this time it’s different. The people really believe their firearms and rights are in jeopardy, which they are.

Here is what I noted as far as values:

Glock & Springfield XD handguns on average went fro $446 to $600 and over depending on the Model.

Colt AR-15, Bushmasters and AR-15 Clones that were selling 2 weeks ago for $799-$899 were on the average selling for $1,495 to $1,895 with Piston Guns (LWRC and POF manufacturers) selling for $2,200 to $2,400.

The cheaper models of AK’s that were selling for $399 to $419 are now selling for $660 to $800. Higher quality AK’s such as Arsenal Brand models that were $729 2 weeks ago were going for $1,499 and up to $1,750.

All ammo prices were unbelievable and there were no “deals” to be found.

Bolt guns are fine for hunting and other purposes, but let’s remember that “wolves” travel in what………..packs.

If you cannot afford to purchase at this time, perhaps you can put something on lay-away.
Lay-Away is a time honored tradition of past generations.

I just received a phone call from a friend who just purchased the last Glock 17 at the Spring Academy store for $563 drive out. Academy no longer has Lay-Away. The carry your firearm to the front counter where you pay and then they escort you out of the store and hand it to you.

I remember the time I bought my first rifle at Sears (Age 13) that my Father and I walked all over the store with the firearm and no one made mention of it being out in the open.

America is changing quickly.


Mayberry said...

This dirty rat SOB Obammy is gonna do everything said here, and then some. I reckon the "civilian security force" he wants will go 'round door to door sniffing out "illegal" guns and ammo. Like you and Charleton Heston said, "out of my cold, dead hands"!

gott_cha said...

We can blame it on Obama,..but put the blame where it really needs to go,...Our GOVT. It matters not who's face they put on front of it.