Thursday, November 13, 2008


I got a comment today from a man named Brent. I'll copy and paste it for you all to read.

I gotta say that this is crap (nor does it have to do with the blog's theme of 'staying alive'). Its customary for a child born to (even one) Muslim parent to be blessed by an Imam, that doesn't necessarily make him a Muslim. Also, if Obama wasn't born in the US, fine; but neither was John McCain (and if you are going to tell me that at the time Panama was US territory, the State Department says that isn't good enough). Stop focusing on crap and focus on the real problems in America.


I feel this is a little harsh from someone who is not writing a regular blog or contributing in some manner. But maybe this is a good contribution and we can all learn from it.

A recurring theme in my writing is talking about a 'trigger' event. Very much like using the flushing handle on a toilet. Once the handle is utilized the rest is pretty much automatic and things start heading down the drain.

There are many events that can cause us to slide deeper into the commode of history and head for the sewer. And Brent, whether or not you and I are even interested in Obama's birthplace, the fact remains that it is before the Supreme Court of the United States. And that court could declare Obama unfit to serve as President. I do not consider it likely but it could happen. And that decision could cause the whole country to erupt in fires and rioting and killing. Thus it is just one more thing to keep an eye on while you are prepping.

As to focusing on the problems of America, why bother? America does not want to listen to the likes of me! Many men have presented cures for the nations ills and most of them are not even given credit for spotting the ills of which they speak. Didn't you see what happened to the Ron Paul candidacy? A very smart and learned man. A man who knew the problems and thought he had the cures. And America didn't give a rat's ass. So why should I give a rat's ass about America and her problems?

Can I take on 30 or 40 thousand lobbyists who have the money and time to buy influence in our country's halls of power? Can I raise a half a billion dollars for a successful run for the presidency? And the list of crimes against the citizens goes on and on. The deck is stacked against us, Brent, and all we can do is prepare and watch. And that is what I do.

I hope you join me and the few who really care about their fellow man. Stay alive.


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Grumpyunk said...

Guess I shouldn't have bothered to respond to him. Well said.