Thursday, November 27, 2008


The following is an excerpt from a recent post to a friend:

The stupid sheople of this country have managed to allow, even
encourage a circumstance where we are now in truly desperate straits.

We, armed Americans, have essentially NO automatic weapons. Statutes
are already 'well above the horizon' which will remove from us
'untagged' ammunition, or make felons of those who possess untagged

We have no heavy weapons. We have no anti-air. We have no
helicopters. We have no TacAir. We have no explosives. We face the
simple fact that there is a snitch behind every other face.

Those remaining are subject to pressure from various and sundry government
agencies, and will roll over and turn snitch at almost any time. Our
food is becoming vastly more expensive. Our medicine, likewise. Those
with a clue are rapidly aging.

The magic at the government's ready supply include drones, which fly
too high and too quietly to observe, much less strike at, which will
call down hell and destruction on any force as large as a squad.

Our phones are ALL tapped. Our every expenditure is monitored. By
monitoring email and such, ALL the potential leaders of any resistance
are known. Soon enough, if the new would be Tyrant gets his way, as
it appears he will, most of our children will be suborned.

Our grandparents sold us into slavery, with Roosevelt. THEIR parents
laid the groundwork with Woodenhead Wilson and the FedRes and FBI and
all the rest. THEIR grandparents allowed Lincoln and his gang to
actually poison the Republic, and only now is the carcass seen to be
utterly beyond resuscitation and putrefying.

In short-- any 'resistance' will be onesies and twosies, will consist
of random and scattered sabotage and single killings of the tyrant's
servants. The higher reaches of the tyranny, anything above simple
state legislators, who are nothing more already than simple servants
of the elites, will be beyond reach, certainly beyond reach if someone
hopes to survive the effort at removing them.

With 'security cameras' becoming ubiquitous, nothing will be without
constant surveillance.

Any concentration of force is precisely what the military and
militarized law enforcement is specifically geared to handle. And the
lone wolves are, as stated, already known.

In short, Xxxx... too little, too late..... we could well be screwed.

The state uber alles is all but a completed reality.
Organized force of any size is a non-starter.

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