Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Getting on with my life, I will look to the future for what I believe is to come. My biggest wish right now is the removal of all the Neocons from the halls of power. I started watching a video this morning and they had Karl Rove as a commentator. I just cut it off. I am so tired of listening to that bullshit, I couldn't take it any more. Bye, bye, Rove. Glad like hell you are going. I hope Obama gets every goddamn one of those war loving bastards. Talk about CHANGE. I have put up with their shit ever since 9-1-01 and it is time to change the record. Bush can take all of his gang to Paraguay or wherever and they can live a life of ease with their ill gotten gains.

I have a visitor coming to help me do some medical preps this week. Can't have too many medical preps. I am gathering all the equipment I can get my grubby little hands on and my wife is gathering herbs and making salves and lotions for back up. The idea is to build up our immune systems to great strength and have the medical stuff to back it up. I have eaten foraged greens all Summer and into this Fall in an effort to stay healthy. I believe it has been beneficial.

I will also be looking for some more ammo. Obama is a city boy and the cities got him elected and the cites don't like guns and ammo. It is like two different worlds. What is food to me is poison to the cities. Funny how that has all worked out. The city people are taking away one of their prime means of protection and survival. It's like they can't come up with the goods to survive. I don't know, but maybe they are not supposed to survive. In any event, I ain't running this show, God is, and I am merely trying to live and be healthy. I am merely interested in protecting my wife and friends.

Obama is interested in redistributing the wealth of this country. Pretty strange ground to be walking on. But I could use a 30% or 40% increase in my social security! Hah! Won't hurt anything because the money will not be worth a shit much longer anyhow. May as well give it to the poor and the aged as to hand it all out to the banks. But Obama voted for the bail-out bill, didn't he? He is into redistribution but he still backs the bankers. Strange guy, this Obama.

Although I look for Obama to suck up to the United Nations it would tickle the shit out of me if he made them get out of Somalia. Somalia was doing just fine until the UN came in troops and Ethiopia. Those people do not do well with a central government. They do just fine with their long established clans who live in harmony unless a central government starts to form. That would be hilarious. He could also, with a bit of finagling, get us out of war in the Middle East. I am so tired of the endless bullshit out of Iraq and Afghanistan! Bring those guys home! Let them have lives with their wives and children. Let them be on call in case we get invaded. And there must be info that they will be needed because Survival Acres had a post about two additional brigades of troops being stationed in the US. He said that brought the total to FOUR brigades of combat troops on our soil. will take you to the story. Bush would not have brought these guys home to use against his own people, now would he? Hah!

So don't falter in your preps and don't lose sight of the dream of being free. The hard times will come but they will bring us freedom. And where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

Stay alive.



scoutinlife said...

Done is done we must prep,pray and position are selves an our friends and family for the future!

Mayberry said...

Good Lord, bring on the freedom! Obammy's "change" just might provide the catalyst for the REAL change to take place.....