Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sold out! Long lines! Not even any back orders! Are you getting the picture? The Obama rush to the gunstores is on. People with MONEY are buying. Multiple guns. Cases of ammo. Shooting ranges are crowded. People are talking. And there is no place where people speak their mind like a gun store or a shooting range. Talk about a free speech zone! I listened to talk radio last night and heard talk of the militia movement coming back. I ain't heard that in a long time. Maybe we have something cookin' here in the good ol' US of A. This country needs a good revolution. Jefferson said we needed it every 20 years or so. Ol' Tom was pretty smart.

Dumbass Dubya was tolerated because he left the guns alone. Even cantankerous old crazies like me didn't go revolt against his insane programs because we felt that we could at least give a good account of ourselves should a complete Fascist take-over be attempted.

But now we have Yo Mama Obama about to pollute the national scene and things are looking tense. Yo Mama is a Marxist pig. And he is a stupid pig in that he has not the sense to look around and see that Marxism is a sadly failed system. He will have a bit of trouble when he tries to get me to conform to his regimented and highly controlled system of human manipulation. I would have trouble giving him any advice that might cause him to persevere in his governing of this nation. Wouldn't want the crazy dog to make a success of himself. I am sure Bill Clinton gave Obama an earful about what to expect if he comes out against guns. It cost Clinton a Democrat controlled congress and made his life a living hell. It made him crazy enough to fall for the tender ministrations of Monica Lewinsky. The rest, as they say, is history. Slick Willie garnered the distinction of being only the second president to be impeached.

But enough of this rambling dissertation on politics and political foibles. The real fun starts this weekend with the G-20 Summit in D.C. The Time Monks are saying the web bot is going crazy with this pending event. What could it be? Hmmm. Maybe the start of the dollar losing it's place as the worlds reserve currency? Something worse?! Horrors. Who could imagine anything so onerous? But after 4 years of Bush the Elder, 8 years of Clinton, and 8 years of Bush the Younger what would you expect? Now the world is looking forward to at least 4 years of the Socialist Pimp and it is going to go bad for us. But I have been saying it is going to go bad for us for quite a number of posts on this blog. If you have read this blog them you have been warned.

In yet another vein of endeavor, I ask if you listened to Mike Kemp on Big John's radio show last night? It was truly an enjoyable hour for me. Kemp was his normal cool, calm, and collected self. Intelligent as any Southerner would be. And Big John was his regular superb self as for being a matchless radio host. I enjoy listening to these men work. They respect each other and they have good subjects for discussion. Kemp had some good things to say and then John drew him out on gun selection and got Kemp to say some more good things. That hour went by too quickly as far as I was concerned. In fact, I found it amazing just how quickly it passed. They got to talking and the next thing you knew John was signing off. Amazing.

I may have some survival stuff later this day. I never want to stray too far from it. It will save lives and that is a good thing. But I think the political and economic arenas will prove to be the triggering events for the S that is about to HTF. Wear your nose plugs. The stuff smells awful.

And stay alive!




Mayberry said...

Bring on the revolution. I'm beyond ready..... I missed Kemp, but I'll be listenin' tonight. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I participate on a forum frequented by ex-military in addition to many of these blogs.

There is one thing that is for sure. I have never before seen as much discussion of civil war/revolution as I have in the past week.

One might think its predominate only in the survivalist community. But it is not. It extends into the military community as well. What does that tell ya?