Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm not sure what I am going to write about today. Several things are on my mind. First off is the 8 or 9 foot tall Mullein plant my wife dug up on the way to the trash dump this morning Simply an amazing specimen. It has a 3 or 4 foot long plant penis on it that was loaded with seed. The root is huge. We will get some fine botanical meds from this big devil. She just changed the dressing on my leg cancer and it is looking a bit different since we started the garlic patch on it. It appears to be softer and maybe a little flatter than it was yesterday. I hope we effect a cure on this nasty bastard. It's just a Mole but I don't like it and I want to tear it off my body and I don't think that is advisable. So we continue with the garlic. It will probably kill it. I know if it was taped under my nose all day it would kill ME! I think this is some home grown garlic from the Amish and it is STRONG stuff.

While I am sitting here basking in the healing power of a Garlic slice the wife is baking some Bannock bread that she got the recipe for from Survival Topics is sort of our home encyclopedia for survivalism. If it is on that site it is useful to somebody. She has modified the recipe to suit our taste but the basic ingredients are from Survival Topics.

I have picked up bits and pieces of news about gun sales since the election of last Tuesday. It would seem that the Obama victory has been a major contributor to the financial well being of a lot of gun stores. I am pretty well set with my guns and ammo and I hope you all out there in Bloggerland are also. I might get a Mosin Nagant here in a few weeks but that is about all I have room for these days. I have also heard that 7.62 X 54R ammo has gone up a little bit. We shall see. But any weapon that can fight two World Wars for Russia and still rock and roll is worthy of some of my admiration. Mayberry has his already ordered. After reading an article about civilian rifles not being made to really last more than 1500 shots I am thinking that a real battle gun may be in order. You never know when this global mess is going to come apart. I have a good friend who is married to a Chinese woman. She has a cousin who is younger and goes to our equivalent of High School in China. There are 3 girls in her class and 27 boys. You reckon them boys would object too much about going to a foreign land and fighting a war? A winner-take-all kind of affair? Don't seem like they would want to stay home and turn queer. They will be looking for another out in this matter. Especially since the girls of China are more interested in marrying non-Chinese men these days. Could get downright ugly if a couple million of them came across the Mexican or Canadian border. I mean, it could get really hot. After that article on the flimsiness of American sport rifles, I am about to proclaim that a real live battle gun maybe in order. Get what ever you can though. Just don't abuse it.

I read an article on Obama's shopping list for high ranking administration officials and it looks like a Hollywood movie set. The Governator from Californicate, Kerry from the People's Republic of Massachusetts, one of the Kennedy girls for Ambassador to Great Britain, Colin Powell for Secretary of State, etc. This is all change you understand. All the regulars and their kinfolk are invited. They may leave Gates in as Secretry of Defense. None of those Democrats want to fight anyhow. They will use Republican officials and Republican passed laws to do their dirty work. That way their hands are not quite as dirty. While I am thinking about it I will inform you that a true Socialist does not like to go into the market to look for a job. They work for the state. Look around at the people who Obama has with him, including his wife and himself, and see if they have any experience working for a company instead of a government. Maybe Schwarzenegger. The rest have been on the governmental tit all their life.

Watch closely and stay alert! And stay alive!



gott_cha said...

Hey Michael I just picked up a case of 7.62x54r sat. at a gun show,...the best price I could find was $175 a a case of that comes in a crate with 2 "Tuna Cans" of 440 rnds each for a total of 880,....yeah,..its up a bit for sure. Ammo man told me to expect another 15 to 25% hike in the next few months due to Sanctions Bush has slapped on Russian lately

Thought y'all might want to know!

Shy Wolf said...

Michael- if you're concerned with the longevity of sporting rifles, don't be. My Mossberg .308 has well over 10 K rounds thru it and the rifling is still good. Admitted, there are some ultra-velocity calibers that eat barrels faster, but we should live so long. In an TEOW situation, you probably won't be able to store enough ammo to burn out a barrel, unless you're on full rock-n-roll auto with a belt feed and the barrel gets white/clear. Then you may want to pour some water on it, take it out and replace with frsh steel.
I heard a rumor of .243 barrels burning out after 1200 rounds and checked with Savage, and they debunked the claim. After all, 1200 rounds is only 60 boxes of shells. Any firearm should be able to handle that small amount.