Monday, November 10, 2008


Mike Kemp wants a word with us:

In conversation with a friend today-- word comes from 'official
rumors' that Obammy is planning some executive orders. These will
firstly, forbid private sales at gun shows, perhaps private gun sales
altogether. Hard to outlaw one without the other..

Secondly, they will effectively outlaw semiautos, handgnus as well
long guns, presumably shotguns as well as rifles. They will be
required to be treated as full autos are now-- registration, full back
ground check, paperwork, fingerprints, and of course, if anything
meets with their disapproval, the gun will be confiscated and
registration of it not permitted.

Stroke of the pen, law of the land.

And we can thank that worthless Dick Scalia. He is, after all, the one
who blessed licensing and registration by his Heller/DC gun ban

Of course, this makes mockery of all those who are now mobbing the gun
stores to purchase semi handguns and 'military pattern' long guns. Too
late, you idiots. You should have acted 15 years ago, risen up and
informed government that they had run to the end of their rope with
'gun control measures'.

Now your choice will be to register and be licensed, surrender the
weapons.... or become an instant felon.

Stroke of the pen, instant felon.

This is the limit of my knowledge at the present time, and, of course,
is not 'official' nor 'knowledge'... but it fits perfectly with things
are fully known. 'Public' rumor already has it that some of Dubya's
executive orders will be 'streamlined' or 'modified' or 'incorporated
into other new ones'.

It's not the light at the end of the tunnel-- it's a locomotive.
Change? Looks like you're gonna get it... and get it but good.


BigBear said...

I think you have gone insane.

Bitmap said...

To borrow a phrase from H. L. Mencken - The common people want change, and they deserve to get it good and hard.

Once they've got their change I'm sure the left wing media will be there to convince them that all the bad results are caused by conservatives.

gott_cha said...

I think Mr. Kemp is spot on.

Only sheep could believe that a Liberal Marxist controlled Govt. would not trample the rights of its citizens.......But what Do I know,...hey,...just look back through history for the truth.

Mayberry said...

Call me "felon"..... Big Bear, open your eyes man!