Sunday, November 2, 2008


Had any trouble getting enough air lately? I haven't. Had any carbon accumulate on your windows or porch lately? I haven't. Had any super warm weather lately? I haven't. But I hear all this cataclysmic news any more about the air and carbon and all of that. I am getting tired of it! It is stupidity!

But you know, there is a large percentage of people out there who think it is all true. These are the victims of society. They go their sobbing way through life knowing that it is all hopeless. They go through life knowing that no one cares about them. They are society's orphans. But they have been gathering steam these past few years and are getting stronger. They even have Al Gore working for them!

These are the people who eat a macrobiotic diet because our ancestors were ignorant and unlearned and didn't know any better than to eat meat. These are the people who secretly worship the Buddha and salute each other with hands of prayer and a bow. They didn't come out of MY bloodline!

These people are lovers of strange flesh. They like the out-of-this-land religions. They like the strange diets. They like the systems that did not bring them to power. They prefer globalism to getting along with their neighbor right here at home. You cannot trust these people. They will sell you out in a heartbeat. Because they are lovers of strange flesh! And Obama is their Jesus at this time. He is going to lead them into the power and the glory. He is their Moses, leading them into the Promised Land. They are full of shit and he is using them to fortify his vote tally and fertilize his garden.

You just never can tell who you are talking to these days. There are so many idiots out there that you can run into one at any time and not know it until it is too late. I only hope you can avoid these crazy people and survive their assault on the human race. Get away from them if at all possible and stay alive.


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Mayberry said...

Heh heh, I was gonna do a post on "stupid people" today until I ran across that letter in the paper (which, oddly enough, had something in there about stupid people!). Great minds think alike?