Tuesday, November 18, 2008


It's cold outside. You don't go out on the porch and fool around. You light that cigarette and get it done and get back inside. The electric heater is back on the daily routine. Hate the use of electricity but I like being warm.

We got 10 cans of Spam yesterday and I will probably get 10 more today. It's getting to be expensive but then again what isn't? The thing I look at is that anything that gets thrown into the stash will feed us later on. Feeding us later on may be a significant accomplishment. I was reading about a conference in some California University and they went for two hours on the financial crisis. The striking thing was that no one was saying that this calamity could be stopped. It is going to the bottom and that seemed to be the consensus of opinion. The conference has some heavy hitters sitting in the audience. People who knew that the hell was going on. There were academics and business people and whoever in the crowd. One ex-vice president of a major bank said it was going into the tank and there was nothing anyone could do about it. The stocks and bonds guys have this thing screwed up so that no man can can fix it. Most can not even understand it! The scary part was that it was just starting. It has a lot further to fall. A lot of people are going to get ground up like hamburger in this mess. Massive unemployment is predicted. Hyperinflation is supposedly on the way.

You can still buy food at a decent price so get out there and buy it! 50 pounds of corn may cost you $8 instead or $4 or $5 but it is still cheap. You can afford that. Eat it with some rice and you have protein in your system. I read some prices this morning about Spam and they were so much cheaper than what I can buy it for at our local Super Walmart that I did not believe them. We are paying $2.32 for a 12 oz. can of regular Spam. You can buy Spam with Bacon a little cheaper. Just buy it and get it in your stash. The time is coming when you will need it very much. I get messages from people who are buying their garden seed and getting it from Big John Lipscomb. He has increased the variety and dropped his price. It's what you call more for less. I hope all of you understand the great deal that John is offering. I dreamed about having lots of non-hybrid seed for a garden. I dreamed about being able to get good quantities of this kind of seed. And John Lipscomb appeared on the scene and things were looking a lot better. You will not get any better food, any cleaner food, than what you can grow yourself.

I am storing canned food from Chinamart and other places of cheaper price. And it looks to be pretty good. But even though it looks good and maybe has had no earth shaking revelations about germs in it, it is still a chance you are taking. I don't want any of you to accept this stuff without knowing that it is not foolproof. I think it is alright. I am buying it and storing it myself. I am leaning on it heavily. But I intend to change all of that as soon as I can. Who knows? I may be FORCED to change my methods in the near future. Never forget that the food you can grow yourself and preserve yourself is the best you will get. You can control what goes on your land. You can control how it is preserved so that you may be fed in the cold months.

I am afraid that the days of going to the supermarket are about over. They may stick around for a while, Obama will try to perpetuate them as long as possible, but they will eventually fail and people will get hungry. And hungry people are dangerous. Unarmed hungry people sit around with blank stares in their eyes. Armed hungry people go get what they need, if it is around for them to get. Ever think about why the NWO wants everyone to disarm, especially America? American has no history of violent revolution. We fought the war of independence and the war of Northern aggression and that has been about it. We have not been a Banana Republic with a revolving door of popularly acclaimed leaders. We have a method, a tradition, of the orderly transfer of power in this nation. So why the heavy push by the NWO guys to disarm everyone? It is because we are getting sold out and consigned to a living hell and the Powers That Be do not want to catch a bullet in the brain for their treachery. They do not want their central processing unit to be shattered by the anger of a people betrayed. Can't say as I blame them but I happen to be on the short end of the stick and I am not liking it.

Citi Bank is making those old familiar noises about how their multi-thousand people lay-offs will strengthen them and make it all better and blah, blah, blah. So we get ready to scratch Citi Bank off the list of going financial firms. And Citi Bank is the biggest bank in the world. Their assets are measured in the trillions of dollars. You talk about being too big to fail! But they aren't. And they have a guy running the show who is not capable of dealing with the mess. He will fail miserably. I am not saying, however, that anyone else could handle the coming hard times. It may be one of those things that just is too big to deal with, too big for the whole planet to deal with. And planetary commerce may be the problem to begin with. It takes oil to move all this stuff around the globe and we have had some unpleasant times with oil of late. To hell with foreign grown and precessed foods. You will have to grow local and keep your food local in order for the populace to make it. Things will cost so much as to be outrageous. Producing what you need will become the wave of the future. Wood for cooking and for heat will be a godsend. Spring water will be a blessing far beyond gold and silver. Those who make their plans in order to preserve the status quo will be shocked to find it impossible. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

I will go for now but I wish to admonish all of you to plan ahead. Think of the things you will need and get them while you can. Prepare and be alert. This is not the time to be a sleepy head. This is not the time to be complacent and forgetful. Tend to your business as if your life depended on it, cause it does. Stay alive.




BigBear said...

I by 20 or so cans of meat every time I hit the store. Spam or generic spam mostly but any canned meat product.

Stephanie in AR said...

I found canned turkey 6oz for $1.00 at the Dollar Tree. Bought a few cans to try - it is pretty good. Seems to be mostly white meat with some 'broth' and pepper. Tasted it plain & cold was pretty good, could taste the pepper but not hot. The sandwiches were made with just mayo and tasted great. The kids were not too sure but after a plain taste dug right in. We all like it better than spam. Another plus is it is in a regular can so no watching for seam breakage like a spam can.

Technicals: Bristol Brand, distributed by Zwaneburg Food Group (USA), Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio 45238. There is an inspected mark on the label USDA - the US is bold but the agency is in small print. P-6817 Ingredients listed: Turkey, Water, Ground Turkey, Salt, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Pepper.

hth, variety is good.

gott_cha said...


Did y'all get a hand pump for the well?

Shoot me an e-mail when you get the chance Pal!