Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Cold outside this morning. Cold as a governments love. Cold as a bureaucrats mission in life. I'm telling ya', it's cold out there. And it is going to get worse. I was reading about the mini-Ice Age this morning. It lasted from about 1400 to about 1850. And it was cold! You could walk from Brooklyn to Governors Island on the ice in the Winter. The Indians were so cold and so hungry they made peace among themselves for the common survival. New England and New York and parts of Pennsylvania lot entire crops so years. And there were a few BIG volcano eruptions that really cooled things down with their putting lots of dust in the atmosphere and shading out the sunlight. As all of this was going on we were experiencing the Dalton Minama. Not many sunspots to be seen. I would say we will have this again in the event of TEOTWAWKI. Those bombs going off will really raise the dust.

I surfed around the Internet this morning after I read the blogs. You gotta do that, you know, so you can be hip to what the media wants you to know and talk about during the day. They set the national agenda as to what we all are supposed to be paying attention to. You are supposed to know and talk about the woman in Canada who had a new section of windpipe grown from stem cells. This is because the liberals want stem cell research very strongly. Bush has opposed it from the outset and this is the chance for the libs to get their revenge. You are supposed to know and take heart in that the Pirates of Somalia have probably had their Mothership sunk by the Indian Navy. That is because they took an oil tanker from the Saudi's and the Saudi's are pissed. You should also know that Hillary Clinton is thinking about taking Obama's appointment to be the next Secretary of State. And if all of this is not enough, there is always a story about Brittany Spears and her latest confessions and revelations and her latest album. Man! You guys really have a lot of baggage to haul around this morning.

Mainly, the media is preparing you for a Carbon Tax. This is the biggest shuck ever devised. Our whole life support system on this planet is based on Carbon and now the government is wanting to tax it. Of course, the liberals want the money to go to the United Nations so they can feed the poor and stop the war by disarming everyone and make the earth one big regimented Animal Farm. The United Nations has wanted the ability to tax the people of this earth ever since it's inception. They want money! They want an Army! They want control! And they are crooked as a dog's hind leg. We will have quite a war on our hands for the next two years. The battle will be fought for control of the people of this planet. Maybe we can stop it in the Congressional election of 2010. If we can hold out for two years we might make it. I want to wish you all a lot of luck. This Obama fella has the most liberal, socialist ideals of anyone ever elected president of this country. How he managed to get elected is beyond me. But I found out more about Obama AFTER the election than before it. I had never heard his anti-coal rant before, or even heard of it. Someone kept all of this buried from the majority of us. But the man who bragged he would bankrupt coal is now leading the country and I have not seen evidence of how he intends to get rid of coal without cutting off 50% of our electricity.

I think I was correct when I produced my analysis of Americans being stupid, to a large extent. I have looked at the possibility of there being a million preppers in this country, which is one third of one percent of the populace. And a million preppers is a big crowd, to be sure, but it is not anywhere close to a majority of the people.

My friend Charles Bell is here for a few days. His wife and two beautiful daughters are here also. We have had some very interesting talks to say the least. I have given him a tour of the place and today I may show him some more. It is kinda hard to digest the valley in a couple of days. It's pretty vast. But a lot of our serious talk has been about business and making money. And that is not an easy topic these days. Twenty years ago I knew several things that would make the cash but I am afraid a lot of those opportunities are over. Things are much tighter now. Much tighter. I used to know a lot of different businesses that would make it through a tough time. Now I don't. Simple as that.

I know that the gun business used to be recession proof and all of that but with the high degree of scrutiny that comes from the fedgov it is hard to get backing for a gun store. I suppose a redneck bar would be a fairly good source of income but again, I do not know. Times are tough.

Charles just called and he is on his way here. I expect him within 10 minutes. It is good to have a dedicated prepper in the house with the wife and I. Charles is a very intelligent man and is not prepping for fun and games. He knows more about the world markets than 99.9% of the people you meet.

It is now over 4 hours since Charles has gone. I guess I took a little break there. But I have a question for you all. If you could get into business right now, what business would it be? I am looking into a return to money making and I really don't know what would be profitable anymore. I used to know the answers to questions like that but times have changed.

I'll go now and hope for the best. Stay alive.



Stephanie in AR said...

Well this part of the state is always the last to see the good times and the first to see the bad. One business that is always around in the pawn shop. The second is the bar/club. We are in a dry county so only private clubs can operate. But most charge small fee $5.00 membership - easy way to screen out underage. Right over the county line, in nothing but rice fields is a very successful package liquor store. But drinks require cash and lots of gov rules. And pawn needs someone to buy unclaimed stuff.

What about repair business? If people cannot buy new they might need a small motor fixed. Or knives & scissors sharpened. Tutoring in a skill someone might need - hunting, gardening, building smaller things, sewing. I'm pretty tight with money but am willing to pay for some jobs like window repair that are once in a great while & I don't care to learn about. I'd say decide what people's top $$ limit is and then what would you fix for that?

treesong said...

I second the pawn shop idea. My oldest son has made frequent use of them and learned enough about the business that he's decided to open his own. "bout time he stood on the other side of the counter. My next suggestion would be a general repair business. Where I come from anyone who's unemployed and worth a hill of beans starts his/her own business. Carpentry, electroncs repair, appliance repair, snow plowing & shovelling, private duty nurse aide care, firewood, child care, CSAs, and mending/tailoring are a few we've been involved in throughout the years. Treesong

Staying Alive said...

We have an old barn on a dead end country road not far from the valley itself. I am toying withteh idea of making it a Barterville. I got the idea from a Mad Max movie, of course, but I have the location and the personel to do it. It would stand some work but I can do a lot of that. Ain't doing anything else right now. I could just keep it open a couple days on the weekend unless it really takes off. No hassle barter or buying. No intrusion allowed. Wear your gun or not. No drunks allowed. What do you think?


Mayberry said...

I like the barterville idea Michael. In these times, I can't think of a better business idea, and I've had lots of good ones. All squashed by the crashing economy and/or freakin' government regs......

scoutinlife said...

The barterville may be the way to go! Timber business is going good in my area as well as something simpler as just firewood business.........

daddynewton said...

hey michael barracks comment about coal is out of context. he is from a coal state wilbur ross who owns international coal group made some comments on cnbc that he knew obama would be good for coal bussiness and he knew more about than mccain the way i worked in coal business 30 yrs. king coal aint going nowhere lol. a politician wouldnt lie bout such things would they? hag1 stay alive by the way my daddy use to say if you wake up and your not hurting, you will know your dead