Sunday, November 2, 2008

POINTS MADE ON A SUNDAY has a guest article that you all should read. Jim Dakin has the guest post lined up for you. If you give a damn about your firearms then you had better read this. It does not look too good for civilian made firearms in the event of a major catastrophe. It might be time to buy one of those Mosin Nagants that several fellas write about. I will still have my other guns but a reliable, fires every time, weapon will be a comfort. I can't afford a hot new FN-FAL or anything like that but I will be looking to perservere and maybe buy a Nagant. Ammo is cheaper than .308 anyhow.

And the reason I am getting a little antsy about guns is the fact that the rest of this week is going to bring us an Indian summer. It is going to be warm and balmy for a few days. And this happens with great regularity in our area. Like, damn near every year. But this year it is coming when we are having a very divisive election with very heavy racial overtones. Threats have been made. Preparations are in place. Big cities are getting ready. Atlanta, Georgia, has told all their employees to prep and be ready for about anything. Charlotte, North Carolina, has been picked as one of the most likely to burn if Obama is not elected. Naturally, Chicago and Detroit will be on full alert. But not so oddly, Gary, Indiana, will be on alert also. And probably Indianapolis right along with them. I have not heard from Louisville, St. Louis, or Cincinnati. Those places just about take in all the major population centers around, but they really are not in this state. I am still going to look for a Nagant. Damn right I am. But I reckon my Wingmaster will take me through the hard times. That OO Buck is just so damn effective when it comes to clearing an area. Hard to beat if you are planning on protecting a Handmaiden. Click, Clack, BOOM! Everybody then knows what time of day it is. It's time to get the hell away from that crazy old bastard with the beard and the shotgun.

I communicate with people all over this nation. People with some brains and some ability to reason. They are telling me that a lot of places are getting ready for violence. White folks are not the only people to have ever gotten infected with the Race Virus. It is around in others also. I think you should be prepared to inoculate with LEAD SHOT if anyone with the disease approaches you. Fire a warning and then get to it. Ain't no sense in sacrificing yourself on the altar of stupidity known as racism. It is an ugly, despicable thing. Stay away from it if you can. There is plenty of land to grow food in this country and we can all survive if we live in peace. It sounds like stupidity on my part but that is the way I feel. And I will be ready to deal with any white people who might want to try something stupid.

I will not be bothering folks on Tuesday night. I will have plenty of food and water and some medical supplies and I will stay at home and mind my own business. I reckon I will be keeping abreast of things via the Internet, if it stays up. If it goes down I will be out on the porch with my Wingmaster, keeping watch over the flock by night. But my point is, I will not be bothering folks and thus I qualify not to be bothered myself. That is just the way my deranged mind works. You don't bother me and I don't bother you. I just intend to bother back the hardest if you come screwing around out here in the dark of the country.

Country people live close to creation. God once told the Old Man, "All my creation is a woman." And from this you can sorta get the idea that creation is cyclic. Creation is habits. And if you live close to it you start to observe cycles and habits. It just sort of goes along with the turf. So anything that breaks the normal cycle or the normal habit draws the attention of a country person. And you city folks out there thought we were just dozing on our porches. And maybe we were! But we were also taking note of the cycles and habits. But if something comes along that breaks the normal pattern of life we will be alert as anything you ever saw.

I have had communications saying that we are in for a long slow slide into economic oblivion. And that is fine with me but it does not take into account things like Obama and his plan for a national civilian security force or the Summer of Hell that the Time Monks are predicting and a few other things too numerous to mention. Anything can come along and trip the trigger to send us down the barrel of life into chaos and death. Be alert. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Hopefully all will be quiet down here. Not too many black folks around, and I think the hispanics could give two shits who's elected on the national level. I will be on high alert none the less. I cleaned and oiled my guns yesterday, so I'm ready. And I ordered my Mosin!

Wildflower said...

I think it's wise to be prepared for a certain segment of white folks to go apeshit when Obama wins.

E-mails and warnings are going out to stay off the street if you're darker skinned and be prepared to protect your family and property in those areas.

That segment worships guns and think it's fun to kill. Be safe! Stay off the streets and hunker down. If a mob comes be ready to flee.