Monday, November 3, 2008


I don't feel like blogging much today. With the election being tomorrow it seems anti-climatic. The 4th is the day of unrest if we are going to have one, and maybe the 5th.

The case brought before the Supreme Court concerning the eligibility of Obama to even be the candidate for the Presidency has been brought to my attention. What is being charged, if I have all my facts straight, is that Obama's mother waited too long to get on the plane to Hawaii and had the kid in Kenya. After having the baby she got on the plane and flew to US territory and got the kid registered as a natural born citizen. The Republicans say they have proof of this. It would be an explosive story , to say the least, if it were upheld in a court of law. This Marx Admirer has spent a half a billion dollars on his campaign and the masses who are in love with him would take great exception to anyone denying his eligibility, legality be damned. Just one more reason why this could be a hot week in American history. Have the Republican lawyers dug up some still living witnesses who will say the baby was born in Kenya? Do they have documentary proof? The plot thickens.

But tomorrow night could be real interesting. McCain is saying he is coming back very quickly. The Christian Right is praying like mad. The planes hauling the candidates around are criss-crossing the nation. I am glad it will soon end. I am tired of this masquerade of all these folks saying we have a choice in the selection of our leaders. Bull Hockey. Obama could very well be the Manchurian Candidate and McCain is trying to make his wife proud and Sara Palin President. Step right up and watch the circus folks! Start right here at the Freak Show and go on from there. Like I said, Bull Hockey.

Catch the show tomorrow and tomorrow night. Could be very interesting. Stay alive.



Anonymous said...

You know I very rarely ever lean democratic even though I do have a slight bit of liberal in me. But I would find it hard to believe the democratic party would nominate someone that wasn't eligable to run for office..

But hey thats just me.

gott_cha said...

Why not?....neither party seems to worry anymore about what is and isn't legal