Saturday, November 15, 2008


Just puttering around the Internet tonight. I've seen a John Lipscomb video over on You Tube and read a Jackie Clay article on a survival gardening. Some pretty inspiring folks there. Very inspiring indeed.

John made a statement about how it is not a matter of 'if' the calamity is going to hit anymore, because the calamity is here and going on. And I will tell you, my talking to folks face to face causes me to see a lot of people who refuse to believe it is happening. They do not want to think about it. They are the ant path people I talked about on the radio Friday night. They are the people who do what their dad did and what they have done themselves for the last 20 or 30 years. They have this activity formula that has fed them for decades and they will not get off of it. They are the chimps who ride bicycles at the circus. They ride the bike and they get fed. Pretty simple existence.

The only problem with these people, and some of them are good souls, is that the bicycle is not going to get them fed too much longer. They are running out of road and the tires are getting flat. Getting them to see this is a task for giants! These people are not into political or economic thought. They want their job and their Walmart and their Safeway grocer and they want to watch their TV and laugh at all the inane canned jokes. The canned laughter tells them when something funny has been said. They don't have to think about it. It is not that they are lazy, because they will work, but they don't want to make decisions beyond what to eat for supper!

I have been trying to get my nose into that G-20 meeting being held in Washington and I cannot get a whiff anything from that den of iniquity. The lid is on the pot and I am not able, at this point, to get a sniff of the stew. Troublesome, but not yet proven lethal. But we all know that Bush is trying to protect his buddies in the bank and stock trades and we know that some folks are hesitant to continue to go along with this program. This hesitant people are known as sane people. People with a full stringer of fish, mentally. Those being talked into going along with Bush are very much to be classified as lesser mortals. Bush is an obvious war criminal. Do we want this ruthless bastard making the rules for the worlds economy? Sounds similar to letting a sex maniac into a whorehouse with a credit card. Total chaos. But at this point the meeting is described as "closed door" and there ain't much we can do about it. I just cannot get peaceful and think anything is being done for my advancement in there. I mean, I don't want to be negative, but I positively don't think I am being looked out for during that meeting. No way in hell.

But at least we can resist the search to find the elusive downfall of our country. We are already in it and headed down the drain. Except I have about 3 pounds of Cranberry bean seed on my kitchen table and 3 assortments of Big John's survival seeds in my living room. Let the ant path people go to the FEMA camps to get their food. Their great FEMA food. All processed and genetically modified and shot full of herbicides and pesticides. I'll just sit here in my valley home and eat my organically grown vegetables and eat my organic meat and try to get by. Hah! Poor me! And I have more seed if I need it. The seed I have stored for eating can be planted will do quite well. I can get this place full of food this next Winter and keep everyone healthy. We are going to be learning about saving some seed we never have saved before and some preserving we never have done before, but by God we will manage it. I read the old folks who have done this all their lives and they know how to do it. They tell me how it's done. And they don't live in cities! They live out on the land. And acquiring land was something my mentor was very much into doing. It will save a lot of lives one of these days. He was a fine man. Stay alive and enjoy your life. It's the only one you have, you know.


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Shy Wolf said...

Mike, we can just bet Bush/etal are going to be discussing a One World Economy, eliminating greenbacks and further selling America to the UN.