Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been thinking some more about Barterville. I am thinking about it a lot. The Hermit gave me some good advice yesterday and said that it need be established BEFORE the SHTF. Let people know that it is there. Let people know what the rules are. Let people know where to gt information concerning hours you are open. Then when the SHTF you can open up and the people will be there. People can trade and barter to their heart's content. And that is what living with your fellow man is all about. Trade. Your surplus for someone else's surplus is the ideal way for it to go. It's not always like that. Sometimes people are in a bind and must buy what they can and pay what they must. If it is a local guy and everyone knows him then maybe he won't get bargained down too hard. Knowing the other guy can make things go a lot smoother.

I need a new building for the Barterville. I want it to be made of concrete blocks or maybe sandstone. I don't like fires coming along and ruining a life or a business. There is a barn where I want to do business but I am afraid it could disappear at any moment. One match and it would be gone. Not a good thing for a new and starting business. This thing of starting a business during the coming hard times is quite a challenge. Like I have stated often enough, 20 years ago I could have told you a dozen businesses that would have been successful. Nothing to it. But not anymore. In this day and age you may as well take what is in front of you and forget about the wild dreams of success and grandeur. A chance to prosper while others are sinking in the mud is enough. Too many people are in the hole right now because they got greedy and didn't take care of what they had. They didn't get things paid off but rather got more credit, as if credit was eternal. I am in favor of keeping business local for a few years and keeping credit to a minimum, if not completely out of the business.

I'm worried about having a Veterinarian around for inspecting animals. I have to find someone with some knowledge of animal disease to examine the critters. It's just the right thing to do. I was reading an article on Jim Rawlse's blog this morning about goats and the author inferred that no one sells a good goat. They sell goats that are a problem of one sort or another. And this is stuff straight from the horse's mouth, if you catch my drift. And there has to be someone there who can identify these problems. I know, I know, it can break down to the point that it's just "anything goes" and devil take the hindmost, but I would like to get some standards set that would protect people as long as possible. It was either Jim Dakin or Mickey Creekmore that said that even people who live out in the country have lost a lot of skills oer the last few years because they have worked in town on a 'money' job. Maybe we could get some time to set people straight on a few health measures concerning animals. I don't know that for a fact but it wouldn't hurt to try.

I would imagine I will be selling at Barterville in the produce section. Good healthy produce. My beans are delicious. We can grow tomatoes that will send you into orbit and we have peppers that will give your rocket all the fuel boost it will need to get you there. We grow good corn for roasting ears or for drying to make cornmeal. As far as I know, corn and beans will combine to give you a complete protein. Anyone who knows any different just let me know. But it is a legume with a grain and that is supposed to be the formula that works. The Handmaiden will be selling herbs and salves and lotions and so forth. I have a guy who will be selling firewood and some other folks with other things, plus we have a sawmill that will be producing Poplar construction lumber sawn with a great degree of accuracy. There will be plenty for sale and trade. As operators of Barterville we will also get the concession stand and what it brings in. I would imagine there would be survival trades going on that will be a benefit between the various parties. It could be a winner! And while I watch the stock market and the bond market, who the hell would want to put thier money in their? Not I, said the Michael.

I just checked the market news and the market seems to be in a positive mood this morning because Citibank may be putting itself up for sale. Why would that make anyone happy? The biggest bank in the world can't make it and has to sell out and this is good news? If I was an investor on Wall Street I would be crying in my beer. There is word that China is interested in buying Citibank. Are they going to pay for it with American currency? What ever it's worth, you gotta add 16% for inflation just from this year alone. That is how bad the Treasury and the Federal Reserve have gotten things this year.

I'll go for now and scheme some more on Barterville. Y'all take care and stay alive. Consider it an act of rebellion against the NWO. Remember, the elite only need enough people to work their estates and satisfy their sexual fantasies. The rest can die! Hah!


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Ricardo's Law said...

Hurrah for Bartertown! Food is an absolute essential, and an excellent commodity. Good on you, for starting the wheels rolling on this one.

Yes, do stay local as much as possible; it keeps costs down at first, and allows you to build up your network to prepare for future expansion.

If you've got a space already (roof overhead, walls to keep out the rain, etc, then start there. DON'T go sinking a lot of resources into the thing at start-up; remember, this is beater-truck capitalism.
eah, there are risks to setting it up, but, if everybody acts like an adult and you can keep the peace, then you'll be the Baron of Bartertown in short order. You'll provide a much-needed piece of economic and social infrastructure, and will be a real asset to your community. Failing to act guarantees it won't work; trying it gives you and your neighbors a shot.