Sunday, November 30, 2008


It's raining outside. It's in the 30's and it's raining. One thing I do not like is wet cold. But we have warmth and that helps us, if we stay inside. We are supposed to have snow this afternoon but I cannot feature it sticking. At the worst we will have a slick time of it tomorrow morning. But we are preppers and we are presumably ready for whatever comes along. We are having a communal breakfast this morning and it should really be a dandy. The thing I don't like about communal meals is that they have so much carbohydrates. I like fats and proteins. They fill you up and nourish your body. Carbs just turn to fat unless you are pretty active.

Mention was made this morning of the stable price of Chinamart ammo these past few months. I figure we should all have our bullets accumulated by the first of the year. We have all watched the political routine and we have an idea of what is coming so, true to our school, we will be ready. I know I will. If you come to get back to back with me you had better bring a 12 gauge shotgun. Fun guns! And it is hilarious how people avoid getting in front of them. Folks hear that familiar click, clack, and they start looking to be somewhere else. Can't say as I blame them.

.223 and .308 are pretty expensive unless you buy a whole lot and have it shipped in. And .308 will still be pretty dear using THAT method. What it all boils down to is the Democrat Party is the shooting industries best friend. When reasonable people know that the democrats are coming they buy like crazy and prepare for the worst. Horrible regulation and product shortages are the name of the game. Thank goodness I got started on my ammo collection three years ago. Dubya was letting the guns and ammo flow to the public and there was no democrat in sight. So I bought. Now a crisis of huge proportions is upon us, whether real or imagined, and the prices are going up. The liberals are going to have a fight on their hands with the mid-term elections, if we have them. It's getting to be a toss-up these days as to whether or not the government will actually let us vote. Voting is not one of my priorities. Folks say you can't bitch about government unless you vote and I say kiss my ass. If I want to bitch I will and no one will stop me. I didn't vote this time because the candidates were so rotten I couldn't bear to do it. And it is all just a game anymore. Voting is not going to make a difference on the national scene. The American voters have to get their faces rubbed in shit before they will do anything about their lot in life. I can't help that. I did not cause that. I just have to live with the outcome of it. And you do too!

My food stash is coming along quite well and if I don't have to eat a lot of my Cranberry beans this Winter and Spring I will have quite a bit of seed to grow in the garden. Some folks are concerned that confiscation of food will be brought up on us by this new administration. I am not too worried about that. With all the people out of work and hungry the fedgov will have it's hands full feeding folks and fighting off a civil war. Hungry people will do that sort of stuff, you know. I guess that when people really get hungry they will start paying attention to what is going on around them. I read a quote from Thomas Jefferson this morning that went along the lines of "I would rather have dangerous liberty than secure slavery. Well done, Tom.

Y'all stay alive and prosper the best you can. Our day is coming. Do not be fooled.



Anonymous said...

re: voting - shouldn't make much of a difference who runs the country, if they'd only follow the constitution. Shame Ron Paul didn't win the Repub. nod, but guess he never really had a chance. I voted, but not for either of the establishment parties. For those that say 3rd party is wasting your vote, guess all the McCain voters wasted theirs too. Take care.

Shy Wolf said...

I dunno about wasting a vote, so long as we vote. Still, would'a been much better if Ron Paul hadn't had the drive-by's against him.
Guess our best bet is to kep stocking and praying.