Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I gotta share this with you. It's a personal post to me from Dragon. It's incredible.

Hi Mike, Had to run out before the show but picked it up after I got back from the on demand list.

First I wanted to thank you for being the voice of reason.You have got the word out once again and moderately I might add..A long time ago a man named Daniel came to speak at our church. It was back in the mid seventies if I remember.He came in a nondescript car from Indiana at a ministers request and preached about survival, and touched some on what we now call the NWO..He wasn't of our brand of religion though and I think he didn't get his message across to the entire congregation. But he looked at us kids and said right out that the children had heard his message and further more understood it better than their elders... I thought that many of the folks were gonna throw him out then, But my father stood up and asked them to listen to what the man had to say. Seems my father had been watching me nodding in agreement to what the man had said.Later I heard men address the minister, and it wasn't going I piped up and told them what I thought...Point is that the message is hard seed and it's being planted on very hard ground, You never know where it will take.

My father only went so far, but that Sunday He gave me a shotgun and asked my grandfather to instruct me on how to use it.I think he had hopes for me he realized weren't with where I was heading and he foistered all of his energy after that prepping my younger brother for college.

Mamon's minions stand a little ahead of us, they don't rest and they corrupt what they can, pervert what they can't corrupt, and kill what they can't pervert. They are souless having lost their humanity in exchange for power and privilidge. They will not win. Our God, Our creator will not let them....Thems my views and I'm stickin to em, Dragon


riverwalker said...

Well said Dragon!


gott_cha said...

Excellent story Dragon!!

scoutinlife said...

Thank you for sharing........