Monday, November 24, 2008


It's warm outside. It has rained off and on and all the ice has melted. Our first bout of Winter is over. But it will be back. Still no sunspots to be seen for the most part. The guy who heads a lot of scientific things for NASA is saying that we have global warming going on pretty severely right now. I don't see it. Won't see it. We have had much more carbon in the air than we have now. We have had much more particulate matter in the air than we have right now. And the earth came through it all with flying colors. Humans will not be wiped out by global warming. What humans need to worry about is global banking right now. Citibank is going to get some amazing amount of money guaranteed by the fedgov plus an injection of several billion dollars in cash to keep the wheels turning. The news this morning from Bloomberg is that the fedgov has backed over 4 trillion dollars in bailout schemes to prop up the economy. What a bunch of idiots! Actually they are not idiots. They have planned this all out very carefully and are proceeding with all due diligence to clean out the American wallets before the depression gets here officially. How kind of them!

It has been said that the last act of a failed government is to loot the country and we are getting a good look at that right now. Preppers are getting wise to this and are buying survival stuff like crazy. It's basically beans, bullets, and band-aids so far. Beans are getting bought at a rapid rate. Bullets and their firing tools are being bought at a very, very fast rate. The best friend of the gun and bullet industry, the Democrat Party, is about to take power and everyone is getting their purchases bought before the gun grabbing starts. The most humorous thing I have seen this morning is a blog by a woman in Wyoming who wears her pearls while driving her tractor. I laughed my ass off! I mean, she is a little crazy but it's in a very feminine way. And she is not all B.S. either. She calls herself a survivalist and she means it. She IS getting ready. Her new house is being built. I hope she has a secure water supply for the men of her life. She has a husband and at least one son and she is taking the responsibility of keeping them alive in case things turn to shit. Quit a gritty lady, even though she admits she has $125 jeans to wear. But if her act is together then I can bless the jeans. I wonder if she could be made to think about a group survival effort. She could handle it. She's smart. And it would improve her survival chances immeasurably.

I caught a little flack yesterday via email because I criticize the goings on in this country and am not perceived to give any answer or cure. I take exception to that charge. I perceive the future as belonging to small villages and settlements dotting the national landscape from coast to coast. There will be maybe millions of them, at least thousands. And these little Kingdoms will form the backbone of our nation and world. And I will not have to spread this gospel around much. Oh, the survivalists will get the message from me but they are a minority, almost to the extreme. The rest of the country and the world will come along quite naturally, thank you. For you see, this will be the way you can survive and people will be wanting to survive. Millions of individualists around the globe will suddenly realize that their continued existence on this planet will remain in the realm of communal living. One man, one nuclear family, cannot make it in the tough times ahead. Not that the rugged individualists don't have the right idea in giving their respective societies the bird in a vigorous manner, but it is not practical. There is just too damn much work to be performed in setting up an existence machine for one man to do it. And the men who know how survivalism works will tell you this. If you get lucky you might go to an isolated spot and stay alive for many years on your own, but the day will come when you need help, or the day will come when you get lonely. Life is just that way. Things like loneliness and trouble will find you out and hunt you down. Be assured of that. The Old Man used to say that no dog could avoid the collective hunt and I believe that.

Bustedknuckles has produced a blog about the Handmaiden and myself. It is at and it is hilarious. I mean FUNNY AS HELL. I was laughing my ass off. This guy has a talent. A real talent. I don't generally read him for entertainment but rather for his politics and know-how. Actually this post he has up now is pretty informative for someone who didn't know which way to turn for help. I personally will be down for a while as my optical mouse has pretty much shot craps and the Handmaiden has to go get me a new on.

Y'all stay alive and I'll see you later.


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