Friday, November 28, 2008


It's Black Friday. The day America is supposed to go out and start spending. I'm betting it is not going to be too pretty. Deep sales are being advertised to get shoppers into the stores. The retail guys are desperate to get this shopping boosted up there. But there is a sickness in the financial world. It is a sickness of lies and treachery and deceit. It is not going to stand. It will come crashing down.

We had National Turkey Day yesterday and the wife and I both ate until we hurt. In the spirit of reality, I will christen this day National Bowel Movement Day. Get your business in early folks cause the lines will be busy. Sewer lines that is. As is customary, the Oyster Dressing ran out first. You just can't keep Oyster Dressing out on the serving table. It is gone, gone, gone.

The ladies cooked so much food it was incredible. The big dishes were full of Turkey, of course, followed by mashed potatoes. Then there were salads, bean casseroles, etc. Homemade rolls were plentiful this year because we ran out last year. Naturally, there was plenty of Turkey gravy for the potatoes.

There were about 150 to 200 people at the meal. You can call communal people just about anything but don't call them late for a meal. And, as can be expected, everyone ate the good food in extraordinary volume. I only had two plates of food and a small saucer of dessert but I saw some people really packing it in. But they were eating it and not wasting it so everything was fine. There was not too much walking around and socializing. People were busy with the task at hand and that task was to enjoy a wonderful repast with their friends. The men were all stalwart and handsome and the ladies were all beautiful. I enjoyed it immensely. We had a lot of young folks at the dinner. That is always a happy thing. The young are the future. I worked my body and wracked my brain for 30 hard years to help build this place and I have no quarrel with turning the next phase over to the young. My generation got the concrete poured and built the launching pad to the future. The young can build the rocket ship and launch the damn thing. They have a land base and some businesses. If God will bless them they are on the way. And I believe he will bless them. I believe it is part of his plan.

As I look at the situation with the Chinese as I posted earlier this morning, I am seeing America making enemies. America is going to take the hit for the failed business model of the Chinese government. I mean, after all, we have to remain pragmatic and rational here. You think those Chinese Bureaucrats will take the blame for any mistakes they have made? Hell no! The greed of the Americans will take the blame. The greed of the Chinese will never be mentioned. Never mind that China is investing billions of dollars in Africa and South America. Never mind that China maintains a 2,000,000 member Army. Never mind that they are pouring money into a space program. Never mind that China poured money into a housing and business construction industry for their nation that swept the worlds supply of sheet rock and concrete and copper and lumber and steel away to Asian shores. Just their use of copper alone has doubled the price of our ammo here in this country. But America is going to get blamed for this, so get ready for some good old nationalistic hatred to come spewing out of China. We will be the scapegoat. And in a sense we are. We sold this idea of selling debt to the rest of the world and to ourselves. Hey! Wanna buy my debt? You'll get rich doing it! Hah!

The house of cards collapses.

Stay alive.


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hilljack33 said...

Oyster Dressing. one of my favorites. Only one in my family who likes it is my daughter in law. More for us..........