Sunday, November 9, 2008


In reading around the blogs this morning I am finding a shortage of ammo. Jim Rawles was particularly johnny-on-the-spot about various places running low on bullets and people even having a hard time getting in to gun shows because the places were being mobbed. Lots of folks have written about Cheaper Than Dirt of late and how they are not even honoring their catalogue anymore. A bit of price gouging is to be expected. If things ever get back to normal we will know who NOT to buy from. I bought my ammo three or four years ago and got it cheap. Now is not a good time to enter the market. On the other hand, at least there still IS a market. Your best bet is to by ammo you can pick up and walk out with. Buying promises is not recommended. You want the ammo and screw the bullshit. I think most preppers know that they must take possession of their ammo and they must have it stored when Obama and Biden get into office. Those two are some gun grabbers from way back. Biden has wanted to take our guns for a long time. But that is how it is in America these days and if we have to be ready to fight them we will be ready. I am not looking for trouble but I will not run from it either. You just have to take a stand. You have to draw a line in the sand and say that is the limit of their ability to push me around. And you have to mean it and maybe prove it. You know how stupid they are. ATF got their asses stomped at Waco and they had to send in the FBI. It could happen again. I will avoid the confrontation like it was plague but I do not intend to run from it.

Big John Lipscomb is having me on his show again this coming Tuesday night. You just get online and go to, You pick the speed that your computer can handle and then you listen. I may not be able to help anyone while the show is running so get on the station and play around with it for awhile and learn the ropes a little bit. It will make things a lot easier when the show starts. It starts at 7:00 p.m. Indiana time and goes until 8:00 p.m. None of that 11:00 p.m. until midnight stuff this time. Big John has a better deal with these GCN people. I think it will go well. Big John is having Mike Kemp on his show Monday night so you might give Kemp a listen. Kemp is a pro and will do well.

John Lipscomb is a pretty damn good host and the show should be smooth as silk. Your host is a most important factor in going on radio. I listened to Rawles a week or two ago and the hosts of the show he was on were a couple of dogs. I could not believe how they were trying to trap Jim. He was too cagey for them so they waited until he was gone and then they opened up on his message. Punk ass cowards is what they were. And they will be among the first ones admitted to the FEMA camps when the SHTF and they have no food nor security nor protection. I will not mourn for them. They were offensive to one of our kind and deserve no sympathy. Amen.

From what I can gather in my searching for clues to our future, this economic mess will either blow way or bury us in poverty. As a betting man I would say we have the poverty to look forward to experiencing. The greedy rats have eaten a hole in the very ship in which they sail and it is going down and taking them with it. Perfect. Something had to be fetched by God to bring the people to their knees and it may as well be this little calamity we have brewing right now. These bastards have worked hard for their reward and far be it from me to shortchange them. Let the chips fall where they may. I merely thank God for what he has made. I had no part not lot in it's manufacture, though I would be proud if I had a hand in it.

Dragon is on the move again and saying some powerful things. I like it when he gets on his soapbox and cuts loose. I think he is feeling like he is being pushed into a corner and it is something you don't want to do to the Dragon man. Not good field position.

Y'all take care of yourselves and look out for each other. We must do that if we are to survive. So stay alive!



Mayberry said...

Lookin' forward to the show!

Kari said...

We just got 250 rounds of 9mm from our local firearms dealer for 50 dollars, it was our brass though. He hasn't raised his price and is usually pretty fair. His guns are flying off the shelves, we had to put our order in for a couple we've been wanting but had put off. He said he'd order both so he'd have them there just in case for us. As we're buying one at a time.
His ammo is going faster than he can make or order it.
Everyone is getting ready.