Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ive seen a little sunlight already this morning. It won't be so welcome once the Summer MUG is here but it is nice to have around now!

I'm thinking about Coronal Mass Ejection this morning, more commonly referred to as CME. We get lucky most times and don't take a big hit from the Sun. But it has happened. Back around 1860 or so we got hit with a big CME and it shut down the telegraph system in this country. And that was the days of stupid electricity. No chips handling things, no complicated switching gear, just Brute Force Stupid Electricity. And the CME shut her down. Powerful stuff these CME's. If one would hit full force I would estimate we would be living in the 1850's real quick. A hand pump in your well would be a nice thing. A flowing Spring would be pretty cool also. I have no idea if it would reverse the planetary polarity or not. Higher pay grades than me would be having to handle that task if it came about. National defense systems would crash in a heartbeat. Any plane in the air would be instantly converted into a glider, if it could glide. Most modern planes glide like a rock. You can forget about any kind of phone working. It won't happen for while. Your lights will not turn on and your pump won't work, The whole country, cities and countryside, will suddenly go on restricted water usage, enforced by physics beyond our capacity to duplicate or at least control. Most assuredly beyond out capacity to control. Planes will fall from the sky quickly and silently. If the system goes down suddenly, cast your eyes to the heavens and watch for silently falling machines. None of this downcast lowering of the eyes allowed. Your car will not work, more than likely, so you can forget about running any last minute errands. But you are a prepper and should not have any trouble with that.

Should a plane go down in your area, don't go trying to help anyone without a hammer to break windows and stuff. Bolt cutters or Jaws Of Life would be nice but then we would have to develop CMEPR Bags. That is Coronal Mass Ejection Plane Rescue Bag. Too much. Way beyond our expected needs. Of course if you did need such a commodity and you happened to have one you would get a kiss from the Fairy Princess for having rescued her. I ain't placing any bets on this one, however. A small fire extinguisher would make a nice addition to any attempted plane rescue mission.

I have no idea of the effect a CME would have on a person, but I don't think it would be a positive thing. If there is any Gamma radiation involved in the onslaught you would be toast. But I don't think that would happen. At least I have read NO EVIDENCE OF IT HISTORICALLY. But I will stay inside anyhow. I will err on the side of caution.

And all of this discussion is what we can expect from an EMP burst in our area. The potential foes of our people will have very efficient EMP bombs to detonate and shut us down. Nothing is sacred in a war. They will kill who they can kill. Rules of war be damned.

I have some money on the kitchen table for my wife to spend on candles from Big Lots. As long as they are not scented she will buy them. I want a bunch of candles. I do not like scented candles and neither does the Handmaiden. If you can smell them that means they are releasing a gas and I don't like breathing any gas I don't have to. We will also buy another mechanical can opener. Imagine having a ton of canned goods and no can opener. How humiliating!

I just read a Gary North article on the death of Detroit. A city of once 1.8 million people has been reduced to half of that. You can buy a house for under $10,000 very easily. The town is dead. D-E-A-D. But it is not talked about, as Gary North so eloquently notices. You don't hear the mass media crying about the loss of Detroit. It is ignored. It doesn't even exist. How soon before this happens to some other big cities here in America. The country is broke. The fedgov is broke. Everybody except some huge banks and some Wall Street firms are broke. There are some huge multinational corporations headquartered here but the money ain't going to Joe and Julie Sixpack. That just ain't the way the game is played these days. That thing about "Am I my brothers keeper?" is being answered with a resounding NO! But there are some mean ass men in this country that are on our side. Men who can kill and get away to kill again. And they are here in a crowd, not just a bunch of lone wolves. They know how to stop tanks and jet planes and all kinds of good things. They will need food and medical help. Be prepared to give it to them. You might even go out on patrol with them. Stranger things have happened. But what ever you do, stay alive.



Mayberry said...

The show is really heating up, it was interesting to read and hear all the politicians today crying about threats and "violence". They ain't seen nothin' yet.... Yep, it's getting really interesting...

Dragon said...

CME's have been of concern to me from the very beginning. Think of them in terms of a super EMP. There is one historical account if memory serves and that is from a Spanish monk who recorded natives stories on it. I do not know if it's online or not. The natives described electrical energy all over trees and everything. Saint Elmo's fire? People were said to cast off metal adornments because they burned.
My own Grandfather told me of an account when He was young of electrical energy dancing on wire fences for hours.
In such an event I doubt that conventional shielding of electronics would be effective, A single Faraday cage wouldn't be very effective due to the high voltages involved and the longevity of the event.. At risk is anything that has integrated circuits,chips and magnetic media.
The effect would not be universal but still be transmitted far and wide by power, phone, cable, and even pipe lines.