Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I got up and read my email this morning. It said the ammo was in short supply in this country. CNN had the report. Can you imagine such a thing? This ammo shortage is a good six months old and CNN is getting around to reporting it? Heaven help us! The next thing you know they will say it is a shining star in the mud of the economy. We bought one and a half billion rounds of ammo in December of 2008 and CNN never said a damn thing. Since then January, February, March and April have gone by and still not much ammo. I'll tell you a little something, CNN, there are billions of rounds of ammo in this country. Reality is when you stop believing in something, it still does not go away. No matter what the left wing agenda is in this country. We CITIZENS have access to all kinds of ammo. BATHTUBS FULL OF AMMO. And the ammo makers are gearing up to make even more of it. Plants are running 24 X 7. Manufacturing expansion is taking place. We know crime is going to go up. We suspect Martial Law is going into effect. We positively look forward to foreign troops on our soil telling us what to do. You corrupt media bastards don't understand! We are tired of your shit and so now, let's get it on! We know what is coming! Our favorite trend watchers are people like Mr. Roubini and Mr. Celente. Mr. Bonner chimes in with a word of encouragement every now and then. It would appear that we are being attacked by ravenous Fascist Pigs and it is sink or swim time. Methinks the Pigs need to sink and us good folks swim to safety.

The guns supply got a little better recently. In fact, there are guns practically everywhere you look to buy them. The prices are not reported to be going down but the supply is strengthening. And it is good that the gun thing is catching up with itself. We have other things to acquire besides guns and ammo. We also count value in Beans and Band-aids.

The State of Montana has passed and signed into law a statute that says any gun made in Montana and sold with the intention of not leaving Montana does not have to conform to any federal firearms laws. This is a push, because the commerce clause of the constitution says there ain't any regulation of anything that does not cross the state boundaries, at least by federal law with permission of the constitution. About 5 or 6 years ago the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals out of San Francisco ruled in this very manner but it got no publicity. Some guy was making a machine gun out at his house in the dessert of Arizona and the BATFE got wind of it and busted him. The appeal of his conviction was mostly overturned because the fedgov had failed to prove the man was going to engage in Interstate Commerce with the gun and failing that, a lot of the case was thrown out. They got him on some nickel-dime violation and he got a few years but nothing like they were trying for.

But if Montana can manufacture guns with MADE IN MONTANA stamped on the receiver, then a citizen of Montana can buy one of those guns and not fill out any federal paperwork. Happy days will be here again. Texas will probably be next to enact such a thing and Indiana will fall in line soon enough. Man! Just think. I could own a gun that didn't have the federal government breathing down my neck all the time. I wonder if that would apply to beer and wine and hard liquor. Sure would be nice to get the government out of my beer cooler! Tobacco products could use a little relief also. In fact, a lot of things could use a little less attention from the fedgov. Hell, this move by Montana could be the start of things getting back to the way they're supposed to be in this country. I know. Fat chance. But allow me to have my little dash of escapism once in a while. Stay alive.




Anonymous said...

It gives me a tingling feeling up my leg when I hear about the number of rounds of ammo and firearms sold. Heh heh. Im starting to look real hard at Montana and Texas as states I would relocate to(depending if the laws you describe come to pass).

HermitJim said...

I live in Texas and I haven't had any trouble finding plenty of guns or ammo at the places I shop!

Just the same, I would like to see Texas fall in line next to remove some of the federal influence...

However, the boys in charge of the state offices are so dependent on federal moneies, that is probably NOT going to happen!

Northwoods said...

So as long as a firearm is stamped "Made in Montana" and doesn't leave Montana it will be exempt from federal laws?...hum?
Now if we could simply stamp "Home made, Not For Resale" on shit!
Just think of the possabilities like Moonshine or even RPGs as long as the range is limited to our property lines?
I know...wishfull thinking!

mmpaints said...

I'm with Northwoods, I like the "Home made" stamp idea. I'm all for the moonshine too. Guess I'll be moving the farm out of commie Illinois for greener, more free places...

shiloh1862 said...

I live in Central Texas and ammo is hard to come by presently. Powder, primers and bullets are in very low supply also.


At some point Texas will try to invoke its sovereignty but it will be as the USA as we know it is imploding...

Brad K. said...

I just read the Texas bill to forbid federal intrusion into firearms made and used in Texas.

I find two items weak and troubling.

The first is that everyone uses USPS, FedEx, or UPS to move things around. These enterprises operate thoroughly, without regard to destination, under federal guidelines. I suspect that any Made In Texas firearm, ever shipped by common carrier, will be incorporated by the selection of that carrier into full federal jurisdiction.

The more troubling point is the repeated language they use, about the Constitution and rights as applied at the time Texas was admitted to the Union.

What concerns me here is that they appear to pick and choose about where to apply rules and values from 1876, and when to allow changes since that time. One for instance is the ubiquitous (and ruinous) liberal hijacking of public school curriculae under the federal government. If Texas now wants to apply 1876 interpretation of federal rules, what will that mean to their school systems? What about other interstate commerce rules that have come to be applied, and federal monies granted, since 1876?

Personally I think the schools, at least, should be forbidden to accept federal monies - or allowed to worry about federal "guidelines" and programs. There is a reason for local school boards - and it doesn't have to do with assuring God-fearing children be taught whatever liberal social engineering agenda is coming out this year. But that is another story.

As for locally made Texas and Montana firearms, I doubt that stamping a gun "Made In .." will pass muster. The feds will likely require the states to monitor - and register - all firearms meant to be exempted from federal oversight - and registered, shared with the feds, etc.

Besides, what happens when a creative Okie stamps his gun "Made in Texas"? "It was a Christmas gift from my brother, who used to life in Abilene, officer!"

Mayberry said...

It is wonderful to dream.... Hermit, send ammo my way! Can't even find .22lr! 9mm?! Forget about it! Even 12 guage, anything other than target loads is scarce....