Saturday, May 2, 2009


Looks like things will progress quite nicely for the garden this Spring. I might have a brother-in-law coming to stay early in June and he will be more than happy to work in the garden for two or three hours a day. I have another man in Maryland who is ready to saddle up and come here maybe yet this month. That should give us a great garden crew. There are three of us already here; myself, my wife, and my friend Walter. Five people should boil it all down to about 2 or maybe 3 hours per day. Love it. Everything can get done and folks don't get burnt out.

I am an idiot savant in the garden. I want to do one thing and do a lot of it. I had pretty good success with beans last year and should have success again this year. Now wouldn't it be nice if all I had to do was plant cranberry beans every year? Man! Could I ever be a success in the world! But I am going for beans and corn and tomatoes this year. The wife has informed me that cayenne pepper and some other things will be grown. That is fine with me as long as my main crops get grown. The cayenne will be hung from our kitchen ceiling in ristras for the Winter. Mighty pretty decoration in the gloominess of Winter. We got a catalogue from Johnny's Seeds today and the cover is a color shot of Cayenne and Garlic hanging down in profusion, along with some other things. Almost too much for me to look at. I love that stuff and I love what it does for me. Our kitchen ceiling is loaded with 8" by 8" beams running full width of the room on 2' centers. Acres of storage area for the peppers. I'm already storing the crop from this Summer. Counting chickens before the eggs are hatched. A typical human frailty.

The swine flu thing is still a little nuts but I think it will die down. People are scared. People are ignorant. With all the knowledge at their disposal it is amazing just how ignorant people are. In dealing with the flu just remember the words isolate and quarantine. Stay away from it and you will most likely be just fine. Things are looking good right now. Stay out of the stock market unless you are rich and have an extraordinary amount of knowledge as to how it is going to work. Invest in some out of the way land with limited access and easily defended positions. Keep the stores sold out of guns and ammo. It is sending a solid comment to the gun grabbers in Washington. Grow and buy food. Store it like a miser. Keep medical supplies up to high standards. There are all kinds of data bases to tell you what you will need for whatever degree of medical attention you wish to afford.

Stay alive.



Bullseye said...

Boy, I'd like to have some company like you get. When folks come to my house they sit around and watch TV and eat up all my grub while I'm out bustin my ass. lol

Getting the garden in here in KY too, a little wet right now but my taters are doing great. Others will be planted just after the rain stops, if it ever does that is.

Been buying some guns and ammo along too. Just bought a Marlin 22 rifle today at a gun show. Got some real nice NBC kits too for 10 bucks, great deal on those. Hope I never need them but for 10 bucks I don't mind making room for them in my safe room.

Good luck with the garden and all your other preps. Stafe safe and keep on prepping.

Code Name "Bullseye"

Mayberry said...

Send some of that rain down this way Bullseye! It's been dryer than a popcorn fart down here.....

Same goes for ammunition. Unless yer Johnny on the spot when the truck comes in (and they won't tell ya when it's comin'), the shelves are purty much bare....

ErinAndBrad said...

LOL Michael - see if he wants to come up here for a spell! I think we will probably all starve to death with gardening skills LOL!