Monday, May 25, 2009


I thought I would write a short post to announce I am going on short hours for the rest of the Summer. It is the time of year when peoplle are not reading and commenting very much so I am going to devote my Summer to other things. I will be prepping and getting my situation in a better condition all the time and I hope you will be doing the same. Garden is coming up pretty soon, exccept for the fucking rain outside! Just wanting a little warmth in the soil.

Take care of yourselves and your families and friends. Don't believe anything a politician tells you. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Take care Michael, and here's hoping you harvest a bumper crop..

Sanjac said...

I can relate to the need to focus, I have been spending most of my time outside and catch up on the blogosphere when I can. I've already had some setbacks in the garden by trying to grow organic. Squash vine borers took out my zuchinni and some crooknecks right when they were producing well. The heavy rains last month kept the bean and potato production down also. I figure pesticides are not the way to go for various reasons and hope to learn a few natural treatments for next year. Peppers, tomato, cucumber and melons are looking good. I'll be praying for sunny days your way and take care Michael.

Phil said...

I will continue to check, one never knows when ones muse will strike.
Good luck my man.

scoutinlife said...

Enjoy the Summer Michael!