Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's been a few hours since I dropped my little bomb on my unsuspecting audience and now it is time for further bombing. Sorry if I offend anyone but it has to be done. We are about to enter a time of social breakdown in this country. All forms of social control may just very well disappear. Your constitution and your laws and your church teachings and a whole lot of other social norms may have to hit the road. When people are starving and their babies are hungry then you had better look out, because things are about to get real. If you figure 1% of the country as preppers, then 99% are not preppers. That means in a 500 home sub-division 5 homes are ready for bad times and 495 ain't ready for a damn thing. But they will be ready to take what YOU have in order to prolong their own life. This is called the law of the jungle. I live in an area of heavy woods. There is wildlife all over the place. And that wildlife is constantly killing and eating in order to stay alive. In order for something to live, something must die. And in a social breakdown the majority of those attending the procedure are going to die. Simple as that.

There are many good people across this land who have told me things are going bad real quick, as in next week. This prompts me to tell you that it is time to get ready. What you ain't got done had better get done. And you had better watch out for the other guy because he may be trying to knife you in the back and take your food. Just as soon as things go wrong they will be out looking for victims.

I'll tell you a little story now. It was the late 50's and I was on vacation in Idaho with my mother, my grandmother and my first cousin. We were just South of Mack's Inn, Idaho, on the Buffalo River. There was a dam on the river and it was about half a mile from the highway but it was a beautiful place to swim and relax. Pretty primitive, actually, but something out of a picture book. Gorgeous. Now, you gotta understand that the water was colder than a well diggers ass in the Klondike. I mean to tell you, it was cold. But I had been in western rivers and streams for a few years and I was sorta used to it. So, after we changed into our swimming trunks we got up on the dam and your truly bravely jumped off the little short diving board into the frigid water. Gasp! But I made it and even swam a few strokes. Then my cousin decided to make the plunge. He hit that cold water and it pushed all the air out of him. He came up gasping for breath and crying for help. Like a new-born dumbass I swam to him to save him. Boy, was that ever a shocker. He grabbed hold of me and started using me for a step ladder, holding himself out of the water and breathing what he could. No thought was given to how I WAS BREATHING. I made a decision to break the hold my cousin had on me. I believe it was called a death grip. You have to understand that I was underwater and not in a good place for doing heavy mental deliberation. So I started punching him just as had and as fast as I could, right in his city-boy soft midsection. His grip finally loosened and I broke free. Upon popping to the surface I swam the 8 or 10 feet top the dam and climbed out. Then I turned to him and told him top swim over to the dam himself and get a hold of it. This he did and I got him out of the water. Life was a lot more secure after that.

But you are me and the rest of society is my cousin. I had experience in cold water and I was a good swimmer. My cousin was primarily a dead weight in the whole thing. We are preppers and society is not prepared worth a damn. When the SHTF they will become preppers and you will become the supplier. They will stock up on what you have saved. They will eat while you will starve, if they have their way. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN ! I have published over 1000 posts, closer to 1100 really, and I can't count too many that have paid attention. But you better pay attention to the masses when the SHTF. Those people are dangerous and possibly desperate. Their priorities are greater than yours, in their opinion. It is the law of the jungle again and only the strong survive. Well, if you were strong enough to prep then you can be strong enough to hold on to your preps. Personally I like my 25 inch barrel 12 gauge shotgun to help me retain my strength. And I am not saying to not help a friend out in time of need, but to help your friend you will have to be strong enough to be of some effect. And if you have lost your food then you are of little effect. Try to stay alive.



cj428 said...

I live with my 85yo father. I have enough preps to last us about A year. I told my daughter when the SHTF anyone showing up at my door demanding food was going to get A load of OO buck. She told me that wasn't very Christen. I ask her if some guy showed up at her door that afternoon demanding to be let in and fed if she would let them in. After all all she had to do was pick up the phone and dial 911 and the cops would be there in 4 or 5 minutes. You should have seen the look on her face. Lets say you let them in and fed them what are you going to do if they don't want to leave?

Mayberry said...

I believe the time has come to move my preps to the bugout location, and tow the Beast out that way. No more time. The gig is up....

ErinAndBrad said...

Great post Michael - and a great way to get your point across. It is getting to the point in my own mind that the people that refuse to prep are just going to be plain on their own because I have tried to warn and now they are not my problem - to be blunt. They have had time and yet they have done nothing - sorry for them.


Jacob Gittes said...

well, you don't say much I disagree with.
I have a good fellow prepper friend in Austin. Recently in his neighborhood, something strange happened.
A near nearby family left their home one day two weeks ago. A white van then showed up. The men in the van got out, went to the back, broke into the house, and started to rob it.
However, the 20 year old daughter was still home. They thieves grabbed her and demanded money. She had none to give. Thankfully, they let her go without harm other than psychological, after ransacking the house for valuables.

The next door neighbor saw the van pull up, but didn't see fit to question the thieves. Morons.

Wherever you are, know your neighbors. If they are good neighbors, encourage them to be nosy. I keep a pretty close tab on the doings on my block.

Michael is right about needing to be "ruthless" yet balanced when a crisis of society happens. To even be able to help others, you need to be strong and hard. But hard does not mean heartless.

If a starving defenseless child knocked on Michael's door, does anyone here believe he would turn the child away?

Now if a mob showed up demanding supplies, that's different.

Christian charity is all in the context. Those who demand charity are not demanding charity, but tribute. Those who are truly defenseless and do not threaten you are true charity cases.

We all want to maintain our humanity, for if we don't, we won't enjoy our own company too much on the other side of the crisis.

Pete Smith said...

Social Breakdown is coming and no one will be there to help you. You can call 911 if you get an answer you will not get a cop to show up, because when the shit hits the fan it will be every man for himself. So the cops will be off to care for there own. Very few will will group up, but the ones that will group up will be the thugs and gangs. Life in the city will get very hard very fast. I see most people in big cities and large towns having a very hard time. Get your house in order and stand ready, because our time is very short.

Phil said...

Thanks for reminding me, I need to change the dead bolts on my doors.

Take care of yerself and say hello to the wife for me.


Concerned American said...


Thanks for what you do. Even if others don't reply, folks read what you say.

Stay low, keep moving, win the fight.