Monday, October 12, 2009


I had a strange dream this morning before getting out of bed. I had been chosen by somebody to start the rebellion and I was out shooting at what I thought needed to be shot. Bummer. I didn't like it. But the thoughts stayed with me for a while and it is a bit interesting. The interesting part is deciding who to shoot. And there are a lot of targets. Will I be joined by fellow rebels? Who can say? I didn't like the thoughts that flooded through my brain. My personal feelings are to stay where I ma and live my life as best I can, along with my neighbors and friends. What could be more logical? What could be more sane? Grow food and hunt game and live in peace. Not real big on the global scene, I know, but very promising as to staying alive. One thing it has done to make me aware of life in these United States is the lack of a good indicator as to when the shit is finally hitting the fans. This is a problem we face when dealing with the fedgov's program of attrition. You store up for the hard times but when the hard times go on forever you run out of stores. You are weakened by the eating of the fat of the land. Your resource gets lower and smaller. Very troubling concept. The longer we hold out the weaker we get. It's almost like being under siege. Maybe the cities will come to our rescue and tell us when the SHTF. They have to be good for SOMETHING!

I am still entertaining barter in my mind. I like the concept. Honest to God free trade. Can't tell the fedgov about it but who gives a damn about that? Taxes are going to become quite an issue in this country. Try reading Uncle Vlad sent this to me and I found it to be quite enlightening. A global tax for the UN. They will probably use the money to pay for foreign troops to come onto our shores and "keep the peace." But if the cities have revolted in time it will probably be of no use. Too damn many of us and too many guns and too much ammo. And we know the terrain. Just an introduction to invasion 101. In a light form anyhow. This country is just so vast and so spread out that the logistics of peacekeeping will be staggering. And they will be trying to pay for it with fiat money, so that will be another thing for the UN to overcome. One way of getting China to come in here is for the UN to tell the Chinese troops that there are women here. China is approaching THIRTY MILLION unmarried men as of right now and they are going to be hornier that a three peckered billygoat. And with millions of empty homes in the cities, the Chinese will have an opportunity to start a new life here on our shores. Don't it warm your heart? And that is what I think about when I read about Obama going for a global tax. He ain't got the money to run this country, let alone pay a global tax. What has eaten up his mind? Where does he get off advocating this kind of stupid shit? I reckon we will just have to be prepared to show him and his cronies the error of their ways.

The wife went to the CVS drugstore in Mitchell, Indiana, and they had Sambucol selling for $12.99 for a 4 ounce bottle. That is what we call Elderberry Extract here at our house. We probably have 2 or 3 gallons of it in the other room. We give it away to whoever wants it. And the Handmaiden does not fool around when concocting her extract. She loads the quart jar with Elderberries and then adds the Vodka to seep down though them. Strong, potent stuff. Why bother with anything else? I am also eating Kimchee as I type the post. Got keep stoked up on Pro-biotics. You do that to keep from taking Anti-biotics. Andrea wrote about her learning the leather crafting thing. She is at . She has the right attitude for a prepper. She is into learning what she CAN and what she has a supply of resource to DO. These things are what we must get used to doing. That leather work will be a nice skill to help support her family should tough times come, as they are sure to do. I do think she ought to branch out into boots and shoes. Terribly important to folks and cause to make you very popular..

Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Seems like we swapped dreams! I've been dreaming of a little farm. I hope it's a vision of things to come....

Anonymous said...

You gave me an idea for a post. Thank you.
I think you are "sitting pretty" right now and can "hunker down" just fine. Probably better than most preppers right now.
Sit back and enjoy the ride, "all seat backs and tray tables in the full upright and locked position, please. We will be experiencing some turbulence in this flight."
w/v = seinkee (as in here's your sign, ok? ha ha ha ha)

Pete Smith said...

Here in the great state of CA(joke) the sambucol in a 3-4oz bottle cost $13.99 and the 550mg Elderberry Capsules(100) cost $16.99, this is what made me buy Black Elderberry seeds. I plan to start the seeds indoors and plant outside in the spring.
And I agree 100% on bartering I have used a plan of mine for the last three years, I learn a new skill each year, this year was my first year at doing a garden with new things I have learned. I have had gardens over the years, but I never learned the ins and outs of how to make it better till this year. My goal next year is to learn how to weld.
I am a good woodworker and I also do leather work, I started working with leather at about age 16 and now at age 40 I know a lot but still learn new things every time I work with leather.I have an e-bay store where I make renaissance gear like belts, bags and mug holders. I can make shoes but only moccasins, I never have tryed to make the moccasin boot just the low cut moccasins. I would think it's about the same just a little more leather and then you need the shoe size and calf size.
Having skills will be a big part of our life after the s**t hits the fan. I have a few good ones but am trying to learn more. Everyone should be learning a skill that will be needed in your area. Skills and goods will be the money after TSHTF. Pete

Andrea said...

awww shucks. Thanks for the nod! I started leather working just to get into the Ren fairs for free, but it's turned into a very useful skill.