Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been reading a blog written by a Momma Boy. His big trip is to keep being employed. He doesn't want to move to the country and raise his own food. Thinks you might get overrun out on your little homestead. What a useless jerk. He wants no independence from the system. He wants to keep working for the man. His tale leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I will spit it out.

If you read Mayberry you noticed I got a helluva round of applause from him this morning. He mentioned several others too. His side bar at is a wealth of information on how to read lots of survival people. There ain't much jealousy among preppers that I know of. Read whoever floats your boat. Get the job done any way you can. But get it done! That is important.

Still watching Obama and wondering what it is he ain't talking about. Cause what he ain't talking about is what he is really up to. The talk is just something to occupy mine and your time during the day and night. When he makes a plan and decides to move, we will be the last to know and the first to feel the sting of the lash. It is a damn good thing that Obama does not run the universe. He would have it all screwed up. My good friend was riding in his car a very few months ago, thinking about the economy and stuff like that and a voice said to him, "It will go up again and then collapse." Now that came form out of this world and I trust that more than I do Obama any time. This might give you a little background on why I am looking for a collapse. This ain't my first rodeo depending on what that voice said. I feel like Pete Smith the other day when he said there is something evil coming over the hill and we had better get ready. Pete is a transplanted North Carolina man who is presently stuck in Californicate and wants to get out. His is at and I hope you like him as much as I do. He is good people.

There ain't much news concerning the collapse and I don't look for it to pop up on MSNBC real quick like. The bastards in Washington D.C. are not going to warn us or give us time to prep or anything humane. We are on our own and that suits me just fine. The collapse will be a big blow to my enemy. And I ain't gonna help him. He ain't done anything I can call a good move for a long time. Seems like every time he does something that is supposed to help me it ends up giving him a lot more power and authority. Funny how that happens.I suppose you all know about the missiles that China is going to buy from the good old USA.. George Ure dug that one out and Remus over at the Woodpile Report could not resist shoving it out to the public. Remember, it is always what they are NOT talking about that will bring news. And I DID get into the Federal Registry and saw the signed Presidential Decision Statement, just like Ure said it was. STAY ALIVE.



Andrea said...

oh you MUST list Mama Boy's link somewhere! As my Unca Bob would say "Everyone is here for a reason, if only to be a bad example".

Pete Smith said...

Thank you Michael, and I do feel as if the evil is just over the hill and it keeps looking and waiting for the right time to pounce on us. I see the collapse coming soon. So keep up your preps and keep an eye out for the evil over the hill.