Thursday, October 22, 2009


Got a hot pick-up from Urban Survival and the chief spokesman George Ure. Pretty hot stuff. And it is saying LOOK OUT!
From late October till early/mid December, a good-sized market decline, perhaps testing the March '09 market lows around Dow 6,627.

Right after the first of the year, I'd be expecting a whole new chorus of "Good times are just ahead" and the 'gloves to come off' in terms of government control, imposition of group-think, and once the mutated swine flu comes out of the Winter Games, then lots of clamping down of people's freedom of movement.

During this period, I'd be looking for energy to 'shoot the moon' along with the precious metals - oh boy!

And then as the social order collides with the globalist agenda over July-August, I'd look for the markets to be as bad as at any time in 200-years.
This is the kind of stuff I read in my spare time. Is it any wonder I don't think too highly of the future of America? Is it any wonder I have been prepping for over two years? I had a question about the security of banks this morning. I do not think there is any security whatsoever in banks. The day they allowed banks to get into the stock market was the day the banks went to hell. Now Obama is getting ready to bail out small banks. How kind of him. He really keeps those printing presses humming.What are you going to do the morning you get up and your bank is closed? How are you going to live? Your money has been frozen and you haven't a prayer of getting it out until the fedgov says you can. Will you be able to pay your electricity bill? Can you buy groceries? How about the kids lunch money? Do you still have money in the stock market? Bon voyage! How about your medicines? Do you have a supply handy? Do you have the tools to cut up firewood for heating your home and cooking your food? It is getting to be Winter time and heat will be at a premium.

Here is a piece of The Daily Reckoning by Bill Bonner:That�s why we have our Crash Alert flag flying over the headquarters of The Daily Reckoning. We put it up two weeks ago. No crash so far. But it can�t be too far in the future.And more thoughts�

*** While champagne and caviar is served out in the speculative economy of bankers and hedge fund managers, its bread and branch water for the poor folks stuck in the real economy.

First, we have some figures from the Center for Responsible Lending. Nearly 3 million houses are expected to be foreclosed in 2009. And there are 8 million still to go!

Yes, we�ve crossed the foothills of sub-prime already. But the Rockies of Alt-A, jumbos, and other salacious mortgage instruments are still ahead.And what happens to people who lose their houses? The New York Times reports that more and more foreclosure sufferers are becoming homeless. The article gives a �typical� story. A woman loses her house. She stays with friends. She sleeps in her car. She tries to find work. Eventually, she runs out of options and checks into a homeless shelter.


I just finished "ONE SECOND AFTER" by William Forstechen. A pretty good read. You can get the same genre at for free and read it online. Jerry D Young does most of the writing and he knows his business. He also knows survivalism.

Get ready to stay alive!



Gen-IL Homesteader said...

One Second After was a great book!

Jacob Gittes said...

I went to a neighborhood/community meeting last night. No talk of the possibility of collapse.
Lots of info on CFL lightbulbs and weather-proofing your house.

Lots of free food - so I was surprised that the meeting was not jam packed.

Apathy is still the rule.

tweell said...

A lot of folks are still staying in 'their' houses, just not paying the mortgage. The banks are going slow on foreclosing and evicting, hoping that the economy gets better and these loans turn out okay after all.

Pete Smith said...

I just got One Second After and plan to start reading ASAP. Just need to find the extra time, I have picked up my work to pay off bills and build up preps.