Friday, October 9, 2009


The so called non-lethal weaponry being developed by this country's government for use against it's own citizens is absolutely astonishing. I saw an article on Lew Rockwell about it at The bastards are getting ready to mess us up pretty bad. The fedgov knows what is coming and they are getting ready. Are you getting ready for them? Pittsburgh bussed in police from all over the country tor the G-20 meeting. They really spent the dollars for this little demonstration. And they had some amazing equipment. Go to the link above and read about it. Talk about 1984!

I am more and more convinced that the fedgov is wanting to have a slow slide into the morass of poverty. We citizens will have a slow, constantly hurtful, ride to the bottom. We will be programmed to run out of food and other goodies. We will be expected to be weakened and hungry. This will make us easier to rule and more apt to go along with what the government wants to do. But I despise this trick. If it is to go down, let it go right now! To hell with this slow weakening of our resources. The fedgov is fighting a battle of attrition, turning the populace into beggars. I ain't buying it. I will resist them to the bitter end and try to stay as healthy as I might. I see the need to go back to a local, calorie based economy. I can see horses becoming the trucks of the future. I can see barter being developed and strengthened in all areas. But this slow slide will stop that. It will give all of our resource to the government. The bastards WILL raise taxes. But the battle cry from our end of the pole is DON'T BE FOOLED. We have tried to earn our place in the new day and I can't see them being able to take it away from us. NOthing will change on our end. Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids will be the need and the goal. Get your non-hybrid seed and get it NOW. Get all the storage food you can find and afford, and remember that canned goods are much cheaper than freeze dried stuff.

I just saw a video of Gerald Celente on Russia Today. He is not talking about mistakes any more, he is quite simply saying it is over for the dollar. Over, done, kapoot! And this message is long in coming but it has been available for anyone who cared to listen for quite a some time. But it is here now! All those guys who make their living from their financial deals and their forecasts have been telling us it is gonna be all over and the time is at hand. We are getting rained on like crazy as I type this post. It is a very gloomy day. It accentuates the doomer message, if you catch my drift. When the dollar is no good we will still be able to spend it, at least for a while. Then it will be no good, but that may take some time. While currency is manipulated and stolen and all that happy crap, it is a convenient way to do business. We will find our place in the local economy soon. It has to happen. I would think that there will be plenty of help in the garden next year.

I have been hit with some pretty powerful personal emails and some powerful comments. Seems like the older preppers are getting ready and tell the devil to keep out of their way. By older I mean those who have been doing it for a while. Ernie and Survival Chic come to mind. I was just out on the porch talking with the Handmaiden and she is totally against getting a flu shot. I asked her what we would do if Walmart started giving away $350 worth of free food to every one who gets a flu shot. She said NO. I can just see the delivery boy coming in the door with the industrial food that America eats. He would be met by a 5' 2" red head with a butcher knife in each hand! She is NOT going to let them poison her with their vaccine. My sentiments exactly. We WILL get by with what we have and hope for a good garden next Spring. We will start talking about barter pretty soon and get some idea as to what we will use as trade goods and what our evaluation process will entail. You just never can tell what may pop up. As far as our national economy is concerned, I read an article last week that aid that American advertising through our media is aimed at the top 20% of the financial spectrum of America. They have pretty much given up on the lower 80% of us crudely financed poor folk. Shows you where we stand, huh? We just don't count any more. Your corporate economy at work. Stay alive.



Gen-IL Homesteader said...

Great post! (And this would be another red-head with two butcher knives in her hands!)

Jacob Gittes said...

Hello there.
Thanks for the inspiration.
The shit is really starting to stink in this country. It's not just the police that are brutalizing people and turning them into scared rabbits. Read this sad story about a kid in school who was beaten and had his nose broken by a police officer while he was in SCHOOL. And what was his offense? His shirt wasn't tucked in!
Link (or click above):

There seems to be an attempt to turn this nation into prisoners, and the PTB are starting the education in slavery early.

A sad recent event in my life: a good friend and fellow prepper attacked me and my wife for talking about home schooling in a positive way. Our child is only three, so we haven't made a decision yet. But this "friend" viciously attacked us for even thinking that it might be a good option. He claims that home schoolers are anti-social parasites, who undermine community, etc.
WTF? My wife really lit into him, though... the whole thing is very strange, and has made me realize that one has to constantly re-evaluate friendships and relationships. As the collapse continues, stress and anxiety may cause people to change and break.

Pete Smith said...

I agree with you about your point on barter being developed and strengthened in all areas. when the dollar is only good as a fire starter or toilet paper people will begin to barter. I think ammo, food, medical supplies,matches, booze and cigarettes will be at the top of the list as needs. Every time I go to the Wal-Mart or the dollar store I look for barter items. I have two 18 gallon tubs full of barter items. We have very little time. Get your house in order and get ready!

Mayberry said...

"The fedgov is fighting a battle of attrition"

You betcha. These criminals are very patient, their agenda has been playing out for decades...

They know an outright assault would spell REVOLUTION in a heartbeat, so they take the "frog in the pot" approach. That way they don't have to waste precious resources slaughtering us. The heat is being turned up on us frogs, but very slowly. It's gonna be a while yet, if they're smart.

But yet, I still feel as if something big is gonna happen soon, like before the end of the year. I don't think it'll be enough to spark the fight, and most sheeple will just sigh and continue on.

The way I see it, there are still sheeple to milk, and I got boats to build. Boats built equals preps bought. Even if I only build one, that gets me out there to mother nature's bounty while the rest stand on the shoreline. Either way, I win....

Northwoods said...

And while those "upper 20%" are beggin' in FEMA camps..We'll be eatin' pretty good eh!

Ain Musa said...

Michael you talk about staying healthy...but you smoke need to serious consider kicking tht habit real soon