Thursday, October 8, 2009


Things are still Loonie Tunes in the economy. Gold has sure been rocking the boat. My friend Charles Bell says we are about to experience a Gold Bubble. I said for that to happen the big boys have got to start buying the stuff. He said they would. They have fought it for years but are now going to get into it. Look out Gold market! I am not too worried about it because I don't have any of it. Don't know what I would do if I did. You want to sell Gold for dollars? That would make NO SENSE. The dollar is about a month away from being used for toilet paper. Who wants to give away perfectly good Gold for a mere handful of toilet paper? If you do have any Gold I would hold onto it for a long time. Could be worth something, you know.

Writers and Pundits are saying that Obama abolished the constitution at the G-20 meeting held recently at Pittsburgh. He supposedly made our currency and economic status dependant on the International Monetary Fund. Way to go, long legged Mack Daddy. Just hand the country over to the morons. Just what we need.

I was reading a very good article on Lew Rockwell this morning by Bill Sardi. It is at . He kinda rakes the medical establishment over the coals for not checking flu deaths for nutritional deficiencies. He really gets it on. You will enjoy it. I am still taking my Winter disease prevention stuff every day and am doing quite well with it. So far so good. I am doing Vitamin C and D-3, Kimchee, Elderberry extract and Garlic. Great stuff. Echinacea is waiting in the back ground should I need it. Remember, only your body can kill the flu bugs. No medicine can do it.

It rained like a cow pissing on a flat rock yesterday but the forecast is for dry weather today. We will finally get to strip the garden of Cayenne. We keep putting it off due to rain and laziness but I intend we get after it today. Should be close to a bushel of peppers. The wife can get out her sewing kit and start making ristras to hang up. It sure is a beautiful sight to see all of those peppers hanging in front of the windows.

I have just been wondering how we will defend southern Indiana in the future. Looks like we will be safe from the West and the South but things could get a little touchy from the North and the East. Of course, nothing is safe from technology, so being underground is a must. You get a couple hundred feet of Sandstone over you , or maybe a little bit more, and you can stand about any attack. Things will be pretty ugly when violence breaks out across this fair land. I don't want it but I see no way out of it. These people running the show are crazy for power and wealth. They will attempt to do anything that bolsters their cause of ruling over us. And they do mean to rule over us. Don't think for a minute that they don't. Remember we have the Continuity of Government Act. You can thank Dubya for that one, I believe. It is so we know that no matter what happens there will be a government to tell us what to do, like "Go get your flu shot!"

We got damn near a bushel of Cayennes today. The wife has threaded up a few ristras already. The house will be full of peppers. One of my big dreams. All Winter I will be able to see peppers drying in front of the windows. The many bags of dried stuff the Handmaiden has done will be in big cans down under the stairs but at least I will get to see the peppers. The Handmaiden tells me that Cayenne pepper boosts other things you take into your body for medicinal purposes. I take plenty on my food, especially my morning eggs, and that ought to get my boosting in high gear. Stay alive.



laurie said...

Keep taking your flu concoction if you go near a grocery store! Last night I ran into our local store and there was a line of people with clipboards and a big table set up. They were administering flumist (with the live virus) in the grocery store! : (

Came home, jumped in the shower and took my flu concoctions. : (

Pete Smith said...

I work in health care and me and most of the nursing staff I work with will not be getting the Flu shots. I had one about three years ago and made me feel like hell. I said never again. Even most of the Doctors I work with said not to take the H1N1, but all most all of them say to take the yearly flu shot. I don't agree I think any flu shot is bad for you. Everyone I have taken in the past only made me feel weak and sick for weeks.
And I 2nd taking the flu conconction, I am taking about the same every day. Pete

ErinAndBrad said...

Great post Michael - yeah well the IMF is now savior of the world and they are already trading in the SDR's - so say goodbye to buck! Great times eh? I am ready for this to get going...

G.C. said...

Michael, When we lived downstate we had a huge garden. I think I had 30 red pepper plants. We waited for them to get red and pulled the plants out by the roots and hung them upside down in the garage rafters. After a few months they were dried and very hard. I put them in a blender and had two quarts of red pepper. It will last for years. G.C.

Staying Alive said...

laurie- I will do my damndest to keep taking the concoctions.

Pete- I ain't taking that flu shot!

Ernie- What will be interesting is the panic the fedgov will go into when the dollar aint worth a damn anymore.

G.C.- We will look into that grinding method of yours. We have to do SOMETHING to handle this crop!


Mayberry said...

The government confiscated all the gold last depression. I suspect they'd do the same thing again, since the contents of Fort Knox have been shipped to China. I'd sure hate to have to kill a few hundred G-men, then most likely die over a pile of metal. Of course, we may die over a pile of beans too, but I reckon that'd be a more respectable way to go...

HermitJim said...

Another great post, Michael...I think your right on about the flu stuff! Lucky you are to have the Handmaiden around to watch over you!