Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Not much of a blog post today. I spent prime writing time sitting in a courtroom waiting for nothing. But I will win in the end. They can haul me in again but they ain't gonna get a damn thing.

I am not liking the prices of soybeans and corn on the market these days. A whole lot of people are getting very little for their work and effort. And the price goes down a little bit every fucking day. But the Chinese are getting their soybeans at a good price! And American companies are selling them the food. Don't it just warm your little globalist heart?

I just saw Joe Biden call this a DEPRESSION that we are presently in. I'll be damned. The truth coming from a Delaware Democrat. Who would have thought it could happen? The latest take on the collapse is any where from four days and a wake up to 5 or 6 weeks. I tried to get the You Tube URL for Biden's little speech but it had been taken off. But I saw it and no one can take that from me.

I think I will take the rest of the night off. My head is not is a good place and this Valley don't need to see me going ballistic. Stay alive.

Just got a post from Jim Haddix with a URL of Joe Biden calling our economy a DEPRESSION.



Andrea said...

I gotta tell you...I like Joe Biden. He seems 'real', no smoke and mirrors. And I like that he has opinions and the PTB can't seem to shut him up.

Pete Smith said...

It's not cool that our farmers work hard to grow food and go broke so some beanhead in government can sell the grops to the Chinese at a good price. It looks like that at every corner our leaders( who could not lead a group of drunks to a bar with free drinks) will sell this country down the drain. I get sick every time a read about this junk. The bubble is about to pop. Get your butt in gear and get ready.

Jacob Gittes said...

There was basically a decision right after WWII to destroy the family farms by reducing the price of agricultural good. The reason was to drive the people off the land and into the cities (where so many of us are trapped), where they would become good, compliant worker bees in modern industrial corporate capitalism. Corporate capitalism, since it is supported by the government/state (unlike small business) takes over the control of the means of production, and you wind up with fascism. Which is basically where we are.

Mayberry said...

Well, one of the crooks finally admitted it...