Thursday, November 12, 2009


Up and going as per usual. I like getting up in the morning. It reminds me that I am still here. And while that may not be the most pleasant thing I can think of, it means I have a job for the day. I have something God wants me to do. And that makes me happy.

I think about Cain leaving the Garden of Eden and going to the land of Nod and there taking a wife. That name, Nod, has a meaning to me. It was the land of a sleepy people. A people who were not tuned in to the world and it's meanings. A country of sheeple. They just went along to get along. And their progeny still walk the earth and Cain is still getting with them, for they are easy prey to his message. We see evidence of their existence everywhere we look. Sleepy people who are in denial of what is happening on the planet. Still wanting to carry on no matter what war or depression or collapse is upon them. Sleepy, so sleepy. Just mental dirt clods waiting for something to bust them up. And Praise God, something is coming to bust them up. Like Pete Smith said, there is something just over the hill, something evil and dark, and it is coming to kill a bunch of people. It is coming to bring misery upon the land. A few shall survive and defend their lives. Most will die off and be gone from our midst. Pete is a prepper. He is not asleep. You can read his daily tidbits at The thing you would like about him, and not even know why, is that he is not asleep. He is not from the land of Nod. He is among a growing number of folks who are not going to take this coming calamity lying down. And taking it lying down is not what a guy should be doing. The main thing to watch is to not blend your seed with another who might be from that Nod linage. I know it is not popular to talk about genetic lines and such, but think of your children. Do you want your kids to be halflings? It could happen, you know. So be alert and try not make mistakes that you will regret for decades and maybe bring you sorrow.

Many years ago I was introduced to the concept of the "youth generation." This was a way of expressing the country's reliance on the mind of it's youth. The young were glamorized and idolized. What the young were doing was the talk of the nation. Their clothes and their music were the big money makers of commerce. All of the system bowed to the young. And now look where we are now. If someone had just loved us enough to tell us we were full of shit we might not be in the shape we are in today. But those older guys are gone now and we are like babes left in the wilderness. We are blown about by every wind of policy that comes from D.C. And it is because of the worship of the youth culture that we are in this present peril. I keep telling people that God is the OLDEST of us. He ain't the teenager among us but the honored elder, the guy with the experience, brains, and power to handle the ship of life. No young punks are going to take control of his little blue planet and destroy his nursery. And be thankful we have continuity in his being. He is not checking out to go the great celestial graveyard. He will endure. He is a GOD.

I remember California and the history of it. You had to be one tough bastard to cross the West and make it to California. Not for the faint of heart, for sure. The fittest made it for the most part. And California grew and prospered with the gene pool that managed to arrive on the scene. For decades they came up with the goods to live. They were called The Golden State. Back in the Depression and the Dust Bowl days people flocked to California. They had work and they had food. But back in the 60's they were bitten by the youth bug, the same as the rest of us. And that brought the weak to the front. Welfare became a big thing in California. Working for the state was popular. Money FLOWED in California. Credit got easier and easier. Homes were built on practically an assembly line basis. And today, for all intents and purposes California is bankrupt. The weak took it over and dragged it down. The young and the untaught were given power and they wrecked the place. Now it has become a political farce with all kinds of shenanigans taking place. Perversion and debt have become the structure of the area. There is no way California is going to come through this in one piece. We need to get away from this youth culture.

Stay alive.



Jacob Gittes said...

right on.
Our culture it completely based on the idea that youth is everything, and age/wisdom count for nothing.

We've reached the degraded point where older women, and even men, pay thousands of dollars for plastic surgery in order to appear young again.
Wisdom and experience and the satisfaction that go with it are no longer valued. But they soon will be, because without it, nobody will survive.
I liked your idea about avoiding breeding with a person from the Land of Nod. I was thinking about whether I made that mistake or not, because my wife isn't totally onboard with my prepping. But she isn't stopping me, and she once lived in Mongolia for a year, and rode on horseback trough that country... and she's physically tough. I have faith that she'll eventually see the horror of what's brewing behind the Wizard's curtain. In the meantime, we have to keep on keepin' on!

I hate to bring it up, but did anyone notice the absolutely bizarre nature of the Ft. Hood shootings? The story changed completely, within hours. First there were 3 or 4 shooters, 2 of whom were killed and one in custody. Now there was only one shooter, who is in custody? WTF? Something is way off here, folks. Is it possibly that the guy in custody is a patsy, or that the other perpetrators have been covered up for some reason? Am I the only one to notice that something smells here?

Jacob Gittes said...

This report SEEMS credible:

I guess there's always confusion in such situations...

laurie said...

Your "halflings" comment made me laugh! : ) In case the Lord tarries, I have long prayed for my son's brides to be. I have always prayed for certain qualities, but in the past year I added that they were awake and understand the times in which we live - don't want a Nod citizen raising my grandbabies! : ) Or causing apathy in my sons!

Chief Instructor said...

I've been here in California for my entire 50 years on this planet. I have seen it go from a truly great state to this dysfunctional armpit it has become. It has been astounding to see it come - to attempt to push back - but be bowled over by the socialist tide.

In the past, when people have left this state, they were looking to start a similar lifestyle where ever they went (sorry about that, Oregon). Now, the people that are leaving are looking to find the old California somewhere else.

We'll likely be amongst those folks in the next few years. I see no hope left in this hell hole. Tie up some loose ends and family matters, and we're gone.

Oh, and it's no coincidence that those of us leaving are currently paying the bills. Good luck with that, California.

Mayberry said...

Yer damn straight we can do it! Those of us with the stones to pick up a shovel, plant some food, shoot some critters, skin 'em and clean 'em, build shit with our own two hands, without "supervision" from those miserable pricks in, we will damn sure do it. And we'll do it right! Hell yes.

We'll do it because us "young 'uns" with brains enough to listen to the "old timers" will learn the way. The "teeny-bopper" crowd will be left out in the cold, clueless and afraid. Completely screwed. "Celebrity" worship and following the Hollyweird crowd will soon prove it's self fatal...

Unknown said...

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