Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I am thinking about the natural stud order in the human family. I am thinking about goats and how it is almost impossible to pin a billy goats nose to the ground. I did it years ago and it is quite a task. The damn thing just does not want to bow. And nations are like that. They do not want to bow. They want to keep what they have and gain a little more if at all possible. And all nations are this way. There is no overriding set of principles to dictate honorable behavior. It's a dog eat dog world and we have been the biggest dog for decades and we will not back down. Second place or tenth place is not good enough! We have to be number one. And that is coming to an end. What will happen then? Your guess is as good as mine.

Lights have been on my mind this morning. Everyone likes light. First thing God did was decree light. Light is good. But it can also be your downfall. If you have a light in your house and you open the front door the chances are you will be silhouetted by the light. Anyone with a rifle can easily see you and shoot you. Do not make yourself an easy target with your own light. When coming out of your home do not have a light in back of you. Put the light out. When it is dark outside and you have a light on, you are transmitting a message to whoever is out there looking for easy prey.

The gold market has gone crazy today. Actually, it might be wrong to say it is behaving crazy but rather that it is doing what it should have done a year ago. Too late now, but if we could have gotten into a frame of mind to let this economy correct itself then we might not be looking at the 15 to 20 years of bad times we have ahead of us. I was reading over at Rawles this morning and he had a writer on who was experienced in social unraveling around the world. He said we did not have any idea of the nastiness that will occur when society breaks down. It supposedly gets pretty goddamn brutal and that is for a fact. We talk about the gangs and the golden hordes and all of that but I think a lot of time we forget just how real this is going to get. Them folks will be trying to take everything of value that we posses, including our lives. They will more than likely be in a gang and have firearms of some sort. You had better be prepared to give better than you get. Aim well, my friends. Use every trick in the book. There are no rules of fair play in warfare. You kill them before they kill you. Simple as that. Shoot 'em with a gun, stab them with a knife, bust their heads with a rock. However you can get it done, do it. And after the fight is over, go collect their guns and ammo and whatever else they have of value. It's called spoils of war.

Still looking for the trigger mechanism to this collapse. And I may be wasting my time. It could be a slow auguring in of society instead of a clean break. I have hoped for a snap and not a slow slide into oblivion. I have explained this as not wanting to hang on and have our resources slowly eaten away and we get pulled down to nothing. We are better off keeping our strength up and taking care of our families and friends rather than becoming weakened and wasted away to nothing. Keep an eye out for that. We don't want to get weakened. Stay alive.



Jacob Gittes said...

I read the same post on Rawles' site. Good and bracing read.
My impression was that the author was really emphasizing how important it will be to make yourself a part of whatever group of government or village council forms, because if you don't become part of whatever takes over local government, you are likely to be preyed upon. Your stores will be taken, by force of necessary. So you might as well be a part of the decision-making process.

Another thing the author of that post talked about was a very big deal: what if the gangs of looters get a hold of the weapons from a National Guard armory? Man, they'll have a lot of firepower. Thus, it would behoove you to get there first, if there's an armory in your area. But to do that effectively, you really need to join up with your neighbors. Make the group/tribe as inclusive as possible. That's what I got out of it, anyway...

Pete Smith said...

I to am looking for the trigger mechanism to this collapse. And as you I fear a long slow slide into doom. We all best get ready for as many events of doom as we can. And good info on the light and how you can get silhouetted by it. I have a plan to box up my door so you can't see in it from any angle, and I have premade window black-outs that me and my wife made. This way at night we can keep a small light on and it will not be seen outside. I have tested it and it works, and are very easy to make.

Mayberry said...

"I have explained this as not wanting to hang on and have our resources slowly eaten away and we get pulled down to nothing. "

That's my biggest fear. Mostly because it's happening to me, bit by bit. Every year (if I'm lucky) I get a 3% pay raise, while my bills and taxes go up by 4%. It's like being eaten alive by ants....

Chief Instructor said...

These are indeed "interesting" times.

I don't think it's going to be one, big "snap". It's a slow swirl around the toilet bowl. If I had to guess, I'd say another 18 to 24 months.

The coming commercial real estate decline (crash?) is going to cripple too many banks. The CIT bankruptcy is the first of many business bank failures. That will lead to more bailouts, more debt and finally, a broken camel's back.

THEN the ugly starts. I'm prepping for it to happen sooner, but I'm betting on mid-2011.