Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have been reading my morning blogs, as per usual, and I am very happy with the attitude of my fellow writers. A very strong spinal column seems to be the message for today. I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have been jolted into thinking about the times ahead. We are at a stand still, or rather a stand-off. Our lack of enthusiasm is directly related to the fact that we have been brought up, drilled, and schooled into being followers of the law. And all of that is being used to cut us to shreds. We are getting the living hell beat out of us by the people, mostly lawyers, who make the laws. The laws seem to handcuff us while leaving our enemies free to loot and plunder as they see fit. And they seem to see it as a never ending game of money, money, we take the money. Us peons take the leavings. But our lives have been devoted to following the law and it is going to wear us out. It is going to make us a bunch of gaunt eyed, hollow cheeked, gray visages. shuffling around looking for a handout from our masters. And our weakening will be the result of our being taught to not break the law. We are not going to get fair and just laws from our fedgov. We will get a good screwing from our fedgov. And we will not get kissed. There is a legal disconnect between the screwing and the kiss. They will take our money and our substance. They will tax the living shit out of us. And it will be to pay off their cronies at the banks. We must not let this happen. We must be ready to fight to the death to prevent it. We must be about learning our new lessons. We must be learning to avoid any taxation. And why not avoid it? Talk about taxation without representation! Our elected officials don't give a damn what we think or what we want. Only their desire to be re-elected is what counts. That and their personal health coverage and their obscene pensions. Get smart, folks. Realize that there will be no light at the end of their tunnel. It will be slavery and degradation to the extreme.

I am wondering how much time we will have to prepare when the collapse comes home to roost. It could be a short time. I look for the cities to provide the news of the collapse. I have told you this before. The reason I dwell on this is because it is going to be a very dangerous time. A life threatening time. You will have to be out of town and connected with your clan and ready to go on short notice. Things have to be already in place. Living quarters, food, guns and ammo, medical supplies, extra clothing and all kinds of stuff. Drinking water needs to be readily available. You don't do well without water. If you have springs on your retreat land then you have a chance. If you live above that aquifer in Oklahoma that only takes a hand driven sand point to make a well then you might be okay. If you have a well that you can get water out of if the electricity shuts off then you are ahead of the curve. Other folks may be sucking hind tit. There will be no police force to keep our ass out of the heat of the mobs. They will be taking care of their own families. Remember Gerald Celente's axiom: When people lose everything , and they have nothing left to lose, they lose it. We are going to meet some crazy father-rapers out there come the day. People with panic in their veins. People with fear in their hearts. And they are not planning on being accountable for their actions when they try and take all of YOUR stuff. I toyed with the idea of having three or four days after the collapse before we would have to do something in the way of seeing to our group security. Now I am not so sure I want to bet on that. Guards will have to be out right from the beginning. The morons in town will be out looking for food and shelter quickly. The country has the reputation for having food. If things get screwy then folks will think to go to the country and get that food and shelter. Fairly rudimentary thinking. Not a great leap for the mind. It's sorta what we have done in advance.

I keep looking for the collapse of the dollar. The system IS the dollar and when it ain't good anymore then time has run out. When the dollar is no longer any good then the cities will burn. And a lot of people will die. And I know that confirmed city dwellers don't want to face this. They are in denial to the extreme. But that is the way it all goes down and you better be ready for it. When the mob comes down the street, throwing Molotov cocktails into the front windows then church has let out. It's too late then. If you try to run then you will be killed. If you stay in the house you will die of poison smoke inhalation. Your women and kids will be raped and then killed. Why don't you get out of town? It's such a simple solution. Get your family together and get the hell out. NOW. And stay alive.



Jacob Gittes said...

Fine words Michael.
You likely consider me to be one of those "confimed city dwellers."
I'm not. I want to move to the country - far far away from the city.

My wife won't leave the city yet. I have a three year old. If I leave the city, I'd be leaving without them, because my wife is unfortunately not going to do whatever I tell her just yet. And everyone knows how the law works in this nation: the father loses ever time.

So until I work out an 'escape plan' that pleases the wife, I am duty bound to stay here...

Your scenario is plausible. So I tell you what, would you mind talking to my wife? Use reason? But of course, she's a woman... reason isn't always that effective.

More seriously though, I am trapped by duty. That's just the way it is. We do live on the river, though. That is a very good escape route! Just slip your boat in, and off you go. The hordes aren't likely to drown themselves chasing us.

It is also going to be true that some cities will fare better than others. Look at the history of civil disorder and collapse around the world... it depends largely on the culture. Do the people hang together? Form neighborhood groups to put down looters, or cower in their houses? Remember those Korean store owners who defended their turf during the King riots in LA. The looters, at least initially (until driven by hunger) will avoid the areas where people present a unified front.
Just my two cents.

Mayberry said...

My daughter is studying the Revolution in school right now. And I'm glad to see that it ain't no watered down version! Our Founding Fathers took up arms and kicked some British ass over a hell of a lot less than what we're dealing with today. I'd say that the sum of the Intolerable Acts, the Stamp Act, and the couple other things that the Brits tried to shove down our throats pales in comparison to the tyranny oozing down from Crapitol Hill these days. Folks need to rediscover that "Dont Tread On Me" spirit to win our country back, so we can rebuild it the right way....

ErinAndBrad said...

Amen Michael! The time is soon with the G20 meeting to determine when to collapse the dollar and how fast o collapse it. Saudia Arabia will not use texas to set crude so our dollar will further plummet.

HermitJim said...

Very good post, my friend! You bring up some relly good points, for sure!

I'm planning to be out of Dodge in early spring. Hope things will hold off until then!

Pete Smith said...

I am planing to stay here, but I do have plans to bug-out. And I live on the edge of the city and a small one at that. The big city is over 25 miles away. So I feel safe here, but as a good survivalist I have my plans to get out.
Things are getting crazy, so get you butts into gear and stock up!